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2010-01-26 08:56:43   Hi Joanne. Welcome to Chico Wiki. Unfortunately pages are only as good as users' interactions within Chico. The very limited set of editors (including me) simply haven't gone to the Tap Room enough to have much to say about it. It's kind of a once-a-year, if that, place to go for me. See you around the wiki! —RyanMikulovsky

2010-01-26 09:13:21   I probably shouldn't hide my motives. Chico Wiki is desperate for regular editors. A fresh face is great to see. Things tend to work in a feed-back loop on this wiki. If someone starts regularly editing, others swing into action (normally on the same and related pages). Anyway, I'm sure all the editors would love for a fresh perspective on Chico. It would help us think of more things to write about and make the wiki far more useful! Thanks again from dropping by. —RyanMikulovsky

-Nice to meet you! I have extensive experience on the DavisWiki and I plan on helping out with the Chico Wiki too... If you or anyone else out there needs help learning how to work the wiki, I offer tutorial classes (or one-on-one meetings) on showing people/businesses how to represent themselces on the Wiki! Just email me at: [email protected]