Jonathan Chee is a fourth year Microbiology Major. From Daly City, California and graduate of Westmoor High School. Enjoys a blend of scientific research and Asian American activism.

Positions Held:

Asian American Association

  • Secretary (07-08)
  • Senior Advisor (08-09)

Asian American Association Film Festival

  • Publicity Committee Member (07)

Asian American Association Searchlight Directory

  • Asian Pacific Islander Organizations Co-Chair (08)

Asian Pacific Culture Week

  • Food Event Co-Coordinator (08)

American Society of Microbiology

  • Publicity Chair / Webmaster (07-08)
  • Secretary (08-09)
  • President (09-10)

Burmese Student Organization

  • Founder/President (08-09)
  • Advisor (09-10)

Su-Ju Lin Lab

  • Undergraduate Intern (Sep. 2007-Jun. 2009)

Lorena Navarro Lab

  • Undergraduate Intern (Jan. 2009-present)


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2009-01-08 02:14:22   Enjoys long walks on the beach, and hot nights cuddling by a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa in hand. —sososharp