Interesting wiki content management system this is.

I wonder what the backend is, be it dokuwiki or mediawiki or some other derivative. Hum, perhaps a perusal through may help.

Other than that I enjoy learning computer/tech skills on the side, picking up php and mysql, and enjoy messing with webpages, I'll have to leave that suffice for now.



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2005-10-09 15:25:12   Based on Moinmoin; Welcome to the Wiki! —JasonAller

2005-10-09 15:29:42   Thanks, was wondering about that for quite some time—JonathanLai

See for more information. It's a self-developed fork of MoinMoin.

2005-10-09 19:27:47

Hey Arlan, MHS Arlan and Davis Arlan, this is Jonathan from those days and now Davis, why did you post a link to projectsycamore. Its only some prose/poetry with no links. What is this in reference too? Is the Daviswiki moin moin server hosted somewhere in north/central davis on Sycamore lane? ~Jonathan 10/13/05

It's the website new wiki code that will be mySQL based. Philip has basically forked moinmoin so hard that it's a new project now. - arlen