I moved to Davis on 9/15/2013 from Grass Valley. At some point in the past I registered NevadaCityWiki.com in hopes if starting a daviswiki clone for Nevada City/Grass Valley. If you know the area you know there is a lot of arts, music and outdoor activity to enjoy. I moved to Davis because I took a job with IET at UC Davis.

I look forward to being a participant of this community!

I am also a Hip-Hop/Electronica/Turntabalist DJ. I go by Jay Sea Rain (http://facebook.com/jaysearain) and I look forward to playing gigs and putting together dance events in the area after I have had a chance to settle in!

Other projects I have in the back of my head...maybe they will come to life down here...

-Alternative Health Care Program. A Preventative, Holistic Health Maintenance Plan -Common Good Corporation. A stamp of approval that your company doing something positive for the global community. -Common Good Housing Corporation. A CGC (Common Good Corp) that aims to buy and concentrate housing ownership for the purpose of providing affordable housing. -YouBoxIt. A shared To-Go box system with drop off points. ToGo Containers are all uniquely decorated with art.

I am a big fan of burning man, art and celebration!