Fighting Arrogance and Self Importance, using Arrogance and Self Importance,11456/ "My penis is this large" -George HW Bush

2008-08-21 14:07:22   Howdy Josh, and Welcome to the Wiki! My name's Evan, pleased to meet you! Thanks for the feedback on G Street Pub, but somebody put back the comments you removed — your comment is still there and will be protected just the same. Everybody gets a say, but by tradition you can't silence another person unless they are being actually abusive. Check out the informal guide to the wiki for businesses for some more information. Once again, welcome to the wiki! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-08-21 12:08:21   What up Lawson? Aye, you might want to kick back on the "cruise control for cool" (google it)

anyways, hit me up next time your on the wiki! I'm moving forward with the volvo and would love for you to peep it out one time for me. Oh, and for laughs go on the wiki and check out the Davis Graduate bouncer incident


Some other comment that got deleted "mysteriously"—JoshLawson

2009-02-10 22:44:57   Your comment on Kyle2008's page makes you look like a raving lunatic, whether you have just cause for this or not. Just FYI. —MasonMurray

Well, I did my job properly then, and thank you! -JL

2011-01-20 08:00:13   I'm not sure that a lack of ability in speaking English is racism. It certainly is a very severe service problem. I doubt the workers at the McDonalds are lousy at English just to spite people of other races... plus Hispanics that don't speak Spanish. It's an issue that might be taken more seriously if you rewrote your comment to address the genuine communication difficulties in a more calm manner. As it is right now, it comes off as kind of a rant. Your comment, so it's up to you. I'm only saying this because it took me a couple of reads to realize that your actual complaint was about being unable to communicate orders. —JabberWokky

2011-03-21 21:36:12   LOL. Love the addition of the encyclopedia dramtica... So true sometimes. —Wes-P

The problem is, my link got removed. Too bad....I thought it added a lot to the conversation. If anyone actually took the time to read it, they'd have a laugh. But I got censored and then I got banned...I'm back now (we shall see for how long) but my link is gone some sort of communist dictatorship. I will be your voice of the wilderness, you will have to shut me up with force. —JoshLawson

  • Everything can always be restored easily. Anything somebody deletes can be put back. I'd guess it was removed because something thought you weren't treating the situation seriously. Just a guess though — maybe their father was killed by somebody from ED. -jw

So I will look into reinstating all of my "pertinent" posts. Good advice, JW...time to continue being a pain in the ass to everyone on here... —JoshLawson

2011-03-21 21:37:50   Heh. That ED article really isn't feeling like satire anymore. It's actually a fairly loving documentary. —JabberWokky

2011-03-21 23:23:11   Your page needed some color. Enjoy! —TomGarberson


  • Or it could have just been an oddball bug. Try again. -Stalin

YEAH...SURE....."SERVER ERROR".....BLAME THE EQUIPMENT.. Nope...still can't access my page to create something out of it. -JL

  • Really. Then how did you edit it to add the above comment that says you can't edit it? -jw
    • The anti-communist taskforce did it for him! —tg
    • Hey! God made me this size! (Seriously though... I actually do think it was a bug. You can see your edits in the edit history, but they didn't go through). -jw

2011-03-21 23:59:34   Josh, please do not make personal attacks on the wiki. Argue all you want about the content, and call it trash, but please respect your fellow editors. There's lots of room to be goofy, but that's probably the closest thing to a rule around here. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, [email protected]

So let's just see how long this link lasts: Who's nuts now? Just ban me....I'm never gonna STFU. -JL

2011-03-22 08:00:56   I think that there's a fairly serious database error in the userbase. —JabberWokky I AM THE CHOSEN ONE. I HAVE DEFEATED THE MATRIX.

  • This pair of comments is one of the funniest I've ever read on the wiki. Cheers. -ES

I maim to please....-JL

2011-03-22 08:05:13   Congratulations. However, I'm calling the sysadmins and seeing if we can get this fixed, as MY account is now FUBAR. —JabberWokky


2011-03-22 09:29:00   If the man who has his own fishing show on TV is stupid, what does that make the man who watches his show? —JoePomidor

It makes them AWESOME -JL

2011-03-22 17:22:21   whomever is doing the ED page needs to link Steve Ostrowskis ED page to it

♥♥♥ —StevenDaubert

2011-03-22 17:34:59   And MatthewKeys ED Page. —JabberWokky

2011-03-23 07:14:21   Hey, you created a Talk page instead of editing your profile. Would you like me to help you out and move that into your profile instead? Seems like you're having a bit of confusion about how to edit. —JabberWokky

Yes sir. -JL

  • Done! -jw everyone who sees my page in the first 2 seconds will know what a fucking asshole I really am -JoshLawson

2011-03-24 17:52:45   You know, I was having a lousy couple hours. Then I checked Recent Changes and saw what you added to Banning leaf-blowers and the Railroad fence page, and I smiled. Sometimes I think people try to be polite (a good thing) and wind up being scared to voice their honest opinions (a bad thing). It's kind of refreshing to see you edit: it certainly spices things up, and hopefully makes people a bit more comfortable that they can voice their views. —JabberWokky

I am NOT EVER polite. Shooting from the hip is all I got..-JoshLawson

2011-03-24 23:06:19   Josh "Lawl"son —OliviaY I'm glad to see someone else use this moniker for him... —Daubert

I'm glad I started eating some fiber, because now I'm shitting more anal vomit.... —JL

  • You're doing better than I, this week. I've got some kind of stomach bug that murdering me. Won ton soup is all I can keep down. Even steamed veggies and white rice is a problem. -jw
  • well, if you ever want to compare pics of feces, you have my number...-JL

2011-03-26 20:18:13   Hey, Bruce deleted your story off Friendly Cab. I kicked up a discussion to defend it. It looks like the only serious problem people have is the Facebook and full name. Any chance you would be willing to remove them? Either way, there's a discussion at ["Friendly Cab/Talk"]. —JabberWokky

Nope. Not a chance. I ABSOLUTELY need the name, FB account and everything else to stay intact...This site doesn't care about libel (which are lies) so I really believe that the whole truth needs to stand...So you believe in the 1st Amendment or some Stalinistic perversion of it? -JL

  • Nobody here is part of the Congress of the United States, so the First Amendment doesn't really apply. Nor am I looking to slaughter people for their beliefs, so I'm not exactly Stalin. You can stop with the hysterical dramatic fits of self-righteousness, as it's pointless: I don't really give a damn if you see me as worse than the man who shot your dog. This is a discussion about appropriate content, not your hyperbolic accusations of persecution. I've already stated that I support your comment, as it is about in line with what other people have posted. Not only do I support your comment, I posted clear examples where equivalent statements or worse have been posted about specific business owners and employees to support your comment. The Facebook link is what stands out as unique and seems to be unnecessary if your intent is to "call somebody out", as you put it. I don't see any need for the link other than to encourage harassment. What was your intent in posting that? It seems her name would be enough to identify her. -jw

2011-03-27 07:14:28   I assume she will sober up to a state where she can be made aware of what she did. I wonder if someone will tell her. I also wonder about your shock and awe. —BruceHansen

2011-03-27 09:53:18   Josh, your personal attacks are way over the line. You also need to look up communism. To quote Inigo Montoya, "you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." —TomGarberson

*How is writing the truth about someone's actions a "personal attack"? Robyn Bryson's name and FB link NEED to be preserved as a warning to other idiots not to misbehave in public. These entitled cunts need to be taught a lesson. As far as looking up "communism"....all I need to know about those pinko bastards is that they try to re-write history with lies and silencing the truth..all in the guise of some "collective community"....sound familiar? yeah....exactly -JL

2011-03-27 11:02:04   People are pretty sensitive to 'personal attacks' here, it's never really been tolerated on the wiki. The more 'colorful' you leave your comments, the less likely they are to gather support for keeping their content. And you've been at least a wiki user since 08, so you know no matter how much you whine or argue, no one ever is able to solo win in a 'wiki edit war'. You're kinda shooting yourself in the foot dude. —EdWins

I really could care less about any of this, or any of you people's pseudo-intellectual rantings. No one attacked her and hopefully by the link being included, she will finally hear about the carnage she has inflicted...if anything, she "attacked" a driver, which is something I DO feel VERY strongly about. I'm not here to make any friends, just to share the truth about what goes on. -JL

2011-03-27 13:56:55   The nifty thing about the wiki is that even you are welcome here. —JasonAller

Like a Muslim in church... -JL

  • Depends on the church. We're the Universalists of the net. -jw

2011-03-27 15:03:04   Funny you should mention communism. The wiki, like all websites, is private property. You're suggesting that private property owners shouldn't be permitted to establish standards of conduct for people who are on their property. Against private property rights? Sounds pretty communist... —TomGarberson

  • When it suits humiliation of local business, all of the sudden there are "standards"..It's obvious you guys hate my style, and yes, I hate the way you guys run this site as well...but seriously, don't you all think there are a TON of double standards here? The hypocrisy and "favoritism" is idiots should be ashamed of yourselves... —JoshLawson
    • I applaud the point you are making, even as I cringe at your language. But I'm a fogey in the latter regard. —DonShor
    • Not just Don and I... there are a few people who haven't voiced anything publicly, but have IMed me today with much the same support for the points. Personally, I like your style, but that's just me. I'm curious, now that you're one of the people helping run the site how you plan to change things. It'll be interesting with you as one of the active contributors to see what ideas you come up with to improve the wiki. -jw
  • Yes, for one and most important of my requests is that if a business decides that they are getting the entire town using their reputation as toilet paper, they should be able to leave this site. That really is my main gripe about the goings on around here..Anther change I'd like to see is the perception of "attacks"...the events that I have posted are truthful, firsthand accounts. I feel as if my message has been twisted around and people who aren't even on here are being defended while I am getting marginalized, even though I contribute, constructively I might add. Yeah, I'm a harsh son of a bitch...the world is a harsh place...I'd swear in open court about the Robyn Bryson events and so would the are we liars? Are we the dicks for getting victimized by the general public? Do good, honest people need this site shitting on their dinner plate? Since this site is so 2005 anyway, it doesn't really matter. If a business wants to opt out...let them out....that is all I really ask. —JoshLawson
    • The thing about a business opting out of Davis Wiki is that it sort of is like a business trying to opt out of a magazine or a blog reviewing the place. Sure, the business owner has just as much rights to edit the Wiki as any other users, but in the end they are not the only ones deciding what should be on the Wiki. —hankim
    • I don't understand. Any business can opt out. What are you talking about? You mean opting out from editing, or deleting the things other people wrote about them? -jw
      • Businesses can not remove adverse comments people make about them or, in some cases, even about their staff. Businesses really are discouraged from changing the page that is about their business. Wiki editors are not 'supposed to' change the edits of other wiki editors; yet, that was done in this case. Harm to an individual is apparently not tolerated; harm to a business is. I'm sure you can find examples of discussions we've had about this that you feel disprove my comments, but to cite the most egregious: the local florist's staff was defamed and the right of a one-time editor to do so was vigorously supported. And the talk page on that topic remains. Yet Robyn has, this evening, removed the references to herself. If this incident serves as indication of a change in attitudes, great. But it certainly illustrates what Josh describes as a double standard, and lends support to my oft-stated contention that the Davis Wiki is anti-business. —DonShor
        • My personal belief is that the best weapon against bad speech is more speech. If someone writes something untrue, then the business should respond civilly (or not, but usually that makes the business look bad) and then readers can decide who to believe. Sure, not all businesses have representatives on the Wiki, but that would be like all businesses listening in on everything being said about the business in order to respond to any negative speech. Yes, I agree that Davis Wiki can be anti-capitalist/business some of the time, but what can you expect from a mostly liberal college town with people who do not seem to understand that someone at some point worked hard to open a business (unless it's Comcast =P)? For personal attacks and insults, I am sort of with William on this. If you cannot handle harsh words from some person you dislike or are arguing with, good luck with the real world. —hankim
          • Correct. Which is all stuff that I'm dead set against. You are aware that I was the one who called out the deletion of Josh's comment as being a double standard, correct? Check out my first reply on the ["Friendly Cab/Talk" Talk page] (the long second comment under "Discussion"). I pointed out a whole litany of cases where the exact same kinds of comments were made about businesses. You seem to keep thinking that I'm on the opposite side of this. I'm against having comments on the wiki, period, because they are then cloaked in what some people see as a sacred halo of being unalterable text, which creates a slew of serious problems. I've been railing on this exact topic for many, many years, Don. -jw
          • Pretend I was replying to hankim. My response was threaded after yours but not directed specifically at you. —Don
    • I agree with you that the "no personal attacks" thing is bullshit. Plenty of personal attacks have a point—categorically ruling them out only harms the wiki. If there is a point to them and you stand behind them (especially with a name), the truth shouldn't take a back seat to civility. (note well: this is just a general statement of wiki philosophy and not a comment on the merit of any recent edits by JL or others) —wl

2011-03-27 15:50:00   It's all good Josh. I know you don't have a habit of spreading lies or anything. As much as you enjoy wreaking havoc and hitting people's buttons with a 'shock factor', 'in your face' kind of style, you do mean well and are still a decent human being. I am staying out of the newest cab drama... seems to be quite a bit of it lately. —Wes-P

2011-03-27 21:48:57   I like boners when they're my own...but I don't want one coming at me in a dark alley. —BradBenedict

2011-03-28 18:39:06   Thanks for speaking your mind, Josh. I'm sorry for doubting you. If they ban you, I'm gonna quit the wiki. Fuck it. —ScottMeehleib

You seriously think the ban is about speaking the truth? ARWENNHOLD proposed it because Josh is trying to use the wiki to hurt other people in the real world. It has nothing to do with what happened between Josh and Robyn (nothing) or between a third party and Robyn (the incident described). It has to do with what is and is not OK to use the wiki for. You're a great editor, Scott. I don't know what you're freaking out about, but I think you misunderstand the situation. —TomGarberson

  • Yes, it does honestly feel that the ban is about speaking the truth at this moment. Obviously, I understand that you are upset about his attitude as well, but I just haven't seen enough to warrant the feeling that he deserves being banned. It's possible that my perception is wrong, and I will try to give some time to think about it, but that is my honest feeling at this time. -SM
  • People should be accountable for their actions, in the "real world".....How is a truthful account verified by the source "hurting" someone? So I guess the truth is not OK, especially if the truth is inconvenient...this ban is bullshit anyway, and everyone knows it. —JoshLawson

2011-03-29 16:02:33   What about your dedication to Stephen W. Hawking? —BruceHansen

  • That was the coolest thing that ever happened in this town and anyone who was there knows it. -JL
    • Sarah (my wife) was there, and thought it was very cool — was there some particular aspect that you guys are referring to? -jw
    • What Art is referring to was the night that Steven Hawking went down to the G Street Pub...during Karaoke Night. When my turn came around I had dedicated, "I Wanna Be Sedated" from the Ramones, to, and I quote, "Steven Hawking, the only intelligent person in this bar right now!" In the lyrics a line keeps getting repeated 4 or 5 times: "I can't control my fingers, I can't control my toes", and ""Put me in a wheelchair and get me to the show" as you might imagine everyone in the crowd was either wanting to lynch me, laughing, holding back laughter or sitting there in utter was totally epic. Shit like this just proves how fucking awesome I truly am. —JoshLawson
      • This was a great blurb, Josh, for lack of a better word. Would you care to say how you made that selection? Did you just kind of take a stab at it? Didn't the ramifications become apparent during the performance? With some trepidation... —bh

Josh, I hope in the future you'll consider collaborative editing and being halfway civil with people. Personal attacks (insults, berating people, or trying to "get back" at people via the wiki) will dramatically change the tone of the wiki, turning it from an informational resource for Davis into a place where people who aren't accustomed to internet culture or don't have thick skins will be afraid or unwilling to participate. That will be a loss for everyone involved, because it'll be a loss for the wiki itself. Collaborative editing is what has made the wiki into the resource it is today. When there are disagreements over content, people explain why they think it should be one way or other other and either come up with a compromise or put it to a vote (democratic, not communist, for what it's worth). I know you get a kick out of stirring things up, but berating people who disagree with you or claiming you're being oppressed isn't a workable way of approaching things on the wiki. As entertaining as it may be, it's a destructive approach to something that's been built with a lot of constructive work by a lot of different people. I'm not quite sure why some people lost sight of that during this discussion and decided people like Arwennhold and myself were upset at you for being a pottymouth or whatever. That has nothing to do with it. I realize you'll probably ignore this, since you believe I'm just trying to somehow oppress you by explaining wiki norms (and you've apparently got Scott and Wes sold on the idea). It needed to be said, though, since for some reason most of the folks here, who've said it many times before when personal attacks or non-constructive disputes come up, aren't willing to say it this time around. —TomGarberson

  • The end game of what I'm attempting to do is be the first Neo-con mayor of Davis. I will rule this Burg with an iron fist. The first thing I'd do is run all of the commies, vegetarians, and sicko pinkos outta town. How would I do this? BURN DOWN THE CO-OP and build a Wal-Mart there...—JoshLawson
    • Wal-Mart = more jobs than co-op, so... count me in! —tg
    • You don't need to become a mayor to burn down the Co-Op. But I get my brown rice from there and am thinking of getting the whey powder from there and start making my own protein bars for shits and giggles, so... -hankim
    • Brown rice gives me projectile diarrhea. One bite and I'm pissing out my ass! —JoshLawson
      • I never use the co-op, so I'd be for putting a Wal-Mart there. Target is too classy for me and I am not particularly keen on shopping near an EPA Superfund SiteJamesKrause
      • Dude, exactly. I parked my Ranger in one of the Target's "hybrid only" spaces. My passenger said, "Dude shouldn't park here..I retorted, "This is a hybrid, it's powered on pixie dust and good intentions". Long story short, when I stormed out of that gaping fuckhole of a store WITHOUT sweatpants in February, "Oh, I'm sorry sir, sweatpants are out of season..", my truck was not towed..what lazy cowards! —JoshLawson
        • After that description I'm looking forward to your visit and writeup of Tea Listjimstewart
        • Done. Go check it out. —JL

2011-03-30 17:31:10   Are you as ancient as some might claim, Lawson? I took you for a college kid at first but Daubert makes it seem as though you are some sort of legendary geezer. —ScottMeehleib

  • I'm 37 years old. -JL
    • Okay, that's only fairly elderly. I was hoping that you were the town wise man or something so that I could film a documentary about you. As it were, you've probably got one of those bald-in-the-front-mullets and listen to Bachman Turner Overdrive incessantly while you wear your rainbow-colored sweatpants like so many Gen-Xrs do. Yay Phil Collins. Yay 80s. —ScottMeehleib
      • Best comment thread... ever. —tg
      • And to assholes where advocating shitcanning me less than a week ago....haha..dummies...—JL
        • I want to force-feed you drugs and alcohol until you vomit. Only then shall you properly be hazed into the wiki. -SM
        • I think if you've never known a decent jackass, you come across as actually being dangerous. I've known a guy who, when I met them, looked me straight in the eyes and said "Let's make one thing clear: I'm an asshole". And he really was... and also one of the best examples of chivalry I could ever think of. The guy's style might be nasty, but he'd go to the floor for a friend every time. I'm not saying you're that good, but I've known enough rough characters who've been honorable to give you a chance, but not everybody has. If you haven't known that type of person, it's reasonable to classify you as a malicious jerk, which is who we've gotten here in the past (and who have been banned when they actually started threatening people face to face or standing outside their homes). Part of it is that it's hard to get the subtleties across in the written word to tell the difference between the two. -jw
          • I am VERY loyal to my friends and yes, cold calculated and vicious to my "enemies". I have gone to the floor many, many times literally and figuratively....Believe it or not, I am trying to make DW a better place, in my own way. I'm sure others have come and gone doing the same song and dance..but really, you guys ain't seen nothin' yet...-JL
      • I have repeatedly stated to Sarah's horror that I'm cutting my hair off if I start to seriously go bald. I refuse to be "skullet guy". -jw
  • WTF? You wanna meet up and find out? -JL
    • Sure. But you claim that you don't drink booze so that's sort of a limitation. I mean, I don't mind meeting you in a sober environment, but that would be a lot less fun for me. -SM

I used to do lots of drugs and drink..I almost died. I decided to become the best person I could be..that involves'll learn some day, boy. -JL

  • Yup, I won't live long at such levels of consumption either, Dad. I agree that to be the best person, I got to ditch it but I'm too weak for now. I guess I just don't care enough. (Actually, that's not quite true. I'm seeing a shrink tomorrow and planning to start going to AA if I don't puss out, that is) -SM
  • You went to bat for me when a bunch of assholes tried to fuck me over. if you ever want to learn the ways of prideful defiance..lemme know. Plus if you ever need a ride or someone to go to an NA/AA meeting, I have a car and would gladly go with you. More sober people equals more hate and acid poured on this rotting world, which is completely metal in every way. Make love to your hate, pray for untimely death of your enemies and destroy your opposition (inner self doubt). Your pains and frustrations are your guiding light...-JoshLawson
  • Hey, I've seen a heck of a lot of people hit that point. It's a good sign you're stating it publicly (not to be a 12 step geek, but that's the first step for a reason). Seriously — Best of luck in finding the right people to help you out, Scott. -jw
    • Thanks for your support guys. It means a lot. I'm not very familiar with the 12 steps but if I've somehow stumbled into the first one, I must be doing something right. I also want to publicly thank Tom Garberson, who has sent me a lot of encouraging e-mails the last few days. —ScottMeehleib
  • I may not agree with your approach Josh, but your sobriety is definitely encouraging ppl around here. As someone who cleaned up 20+ years ago you have my support in that. [PeteB]
  • You ever see that movie, "Falling Down"? There is only so much one man can take. I figure if I got screwed out of a higher education by Affirmative Action, and I've been shit out into a world with no good jobs anymore...I got my reasons to be angry. This world is a garbage pit filled with losers...I have so much hate to give, and I've only just begun. -JL

2011-03-31 09:28:24   You can call me whacko, trying to get the facts straight. I heard you Josh, but it gets kind of crazy when you say that I "should" do something about "reposts" that never happened. —BruceHansen

  • I never called you a "whacko", Art...but in reality, you have hired VERY bad people in the past, you tend not to put basic maintenance on your cabs (can you say brake jobs?) and you treat your best drivers like that is your "business strategy" then...good luck with that... —JoshLawson
  • I didn't say you literally called me "a 'whacko'". I am not fond of nonsense. Before I don't ask or make any more comments to you, I'll mention that I did ask you a question in the Hawking section above. Love you. —BruceHansen
  • Art, you are a good man. Bruce and myself want to see a better Friendly Cab..that really is what we want. Please stop hiring the scum of the Earth and maintain your vehicles..expando-foam is not gonna cut it....anyway, I seem like I care about your business being successful more than you do. -JL

2011-04-17 11:54:01   Scott fell off a balcony and died this morning —StevenDaubert

2011-04-19 10:09:43   It's stuff like this that makes it clear you want to drive people off the wiki. If you're trying to "bury the hatchet" why do you come back and troll her? —TomGarberson

  • Bullshit. All I want is a bit more dialog with her, I'm fascinated. I'm interested in getting to know her, what she thinks about...where she is...sorry you and your cronies couldn't get rid of me. No need to be bitter. Just bask in my everlasting awesomeness, maybe some of it will eventually rub off onto you. I recommend stop being so uptight and just relax. Maybe take some fiber. You seem a bit retentive to me...anyway, nice try, guy. —JL

2011-04-20 15:54:46   I'd be happy to grab a drink or some frozen yogurt sometime. I don't have a problem with you messing with people in general; I just have a problem with you (or anyone else) messing with people who, in a wiki editor sense, are relatively vulnerable. New editors, semi-new editors who got a rough start, that kind of thing. Feel free to be an asshole to me or the other established editors around here all you want. But taking swings at people who seem relatively likely to be driven off of the wiki isn't cool.

Are you coming to the BBQ on the 7th? —TomGarberson

  • BBQ? this is the first I've heard of it! I have a strict diet of California Condor eggs, whale/dolphin sushi and milk fed veal...I don't know how well that will go over in this PC boot licker of a town..Besides, the 7th of every month is when I clean my assault rifles...can't break with routine, you know. Anyway, what time is the BBQ? 4am? —JL
    • It's 2pm - Wiki BBQ May 7 2011. No one's signed up to bring deviled eggs yet, and I'll bet condor would be pretty gamey. —tg
      • Condor eggs taste kind of like vaginal blood crossed with a yeast infection with a slight hint of human kidney, they are really quite tasty!!! —JL

Explain to me how limits on what kind of username someone can use on a website has an impact on First Amendment rights. —TomGarberson

  • how about before I explain anything, you guys tell me why erasing almost everything I say gets erased...with some "off topic" bullshit ass cowardice. You answer me that and maybe we can address your totally inconsequential pseudo-intellectual gripe....I use my real name, because I don't give a fuck, and I'm proud of everything I write..maybe one of you commies can't handle this and will erase me out of your nerd dorks already tried, remember? —JoshLawson
    • This is a resource for Davis. Each page has a topic. Things that aren't about a page's topic don't belong on that page. Putting it on your user page, like you did, is perfect. —tg
      • whatever. —JL

I think it's really important to squash free speech, especially comments that are objectionable and don't suck up to the long standing wiki editors. As we all know, they are above and beyond any sort of judgment and can do no wrong. I also strongly support suppressing any swear words or concepts that have anything to do with real world controversy. Davis really is a G rated city, and we as editors have a duty to clean up the internet, and to flame war into submission any small business owner trying desperately to uphold his reputation. With your help, people, we really can turn America into the Christian version of Iran! Who needs any sort of neutrality when we can all work together for the "common good"...the ends justify the means, right? Think globally, suppress free speech and destroy the opposition locally.... I'm glad to be a part of this burgeoning collective movement, it shows a lot of to do away with that pesky First wiki editor at a time...California Uber Alles!!!! —JoshLawson

Don't get so trolled now budday Daubert

hey fuck you buddy, I consider myself a friend of yours and I'm on here Daubert

  • This really is FaceBook for retards, there isn't even a "Like" button!!! —JL

I don't use facebook so I have no idea what you are talking about Daubert

As for no like button check this out: Daubert Likes the fact that Lawlson is a slapdick on the wiki!

  • I have fun on here (mostly at other's expense) but in reality, I'm fighting the arrogance and self importance that have ruined the credibility of this site. I would like to see it come back to some form of usefulness, but the egos and A-holes that post here regularly are such sacks of shit, that the world would be a better place if they just got gunned down in the streets, think Chinese Revolution style. The world could use WAY less pseudo-intellectuals like them, and a LOTS more straight shooters like me. —JoshLawson

One DavisWiki Asshole to another, more vociferous one: Raise your chin and Grab some Beer, Bin Laden's Dead, Go Grab some BEER!!! — Wes-P

I would concur wholeheartedly with the previous statement Daubert

  • Good call Wes!!!!!—JL

Hey guy I know you are in the bar scene and all I wanted to run something by you:

call it 4 months ago I happened to be downtown picking up some drunkies whom I hadn't seen in a while. It was like 2:05 AM and I had agreed to meet them on the corner of G and 3rd. I'm standing on the South East corner of the intersection back to Ketmo when bouncer dude tries to Bro up on me. He rolls up on me trying to flex and look intimidating and says "YOU NEED TO LEAVE, NOW" I looked at him like he was crazy and said I have nothing to do with your establishment and I'm a private citizen on public property and you are a private citizen you don't tell me what to do. Dude tries to tell me it's immaterial and that I need to bounce. At this point I'm committed to my stance cause fuck that you can kick rocks, want me to flag down the officer I see down the street and see who is right? I honestly don't care that I'm in front (off to the side standing on the traffic calming planter) of your bar that is closing, I'm minding my own business and I haven't patronized your establishment. You can do what you want inside your place of business, but I'm not in it... If dude was polite it would have been no problem I would have dipped but he tried to flex on me and gave me a direct order... You aren't a cop I don't have to obey your direct lawful orders. I'm not trespassing I'm on public property... I understand the need to flush the people out of the bar, and then get them to stop congregating in front of it, but I'm no punk and if you come at me tripping you can sod off

Who is right?

Well you certainly weren't exaggerating or being dramatic in your comment on Travis' page Lawlson. Additionally I just saw a pink elephant outside my window. —oy

What do you mean "you made it so it can't be reverted"? It sounds like you're saying he did some kind of technical trick. You do realize Tom has the same capabilities on the wiki as you... and neither of you can do that? Incidentally, it was Tom who did the edit you're complaining about, not a cabal of "you guys". A grammatically implied plurality of opposition does not make you a victim worthy of politically correct pandering. Please stand by and be responsible for your own actions, and please give Tom the same respect and have him stand by and be responsible for his actions. -jw

  • where did it go then? I looked for it and it was completely gone. -JL
    • Assuming you mean McDonald's, It's version 104, I believe. Some replies and edits to the replies follow, and then edit 110 is Tom removing the whole thread. See here. -jw

Please don't berate people on the Wiki, Josh. —TomGarberson (who didn't make it impossible to revert anything)

On a separate note, I was at a party in South Davis this weekend and a couple of friends needed to get a ride home. They went to call a cab and another friend said, and I quote, "Don't call Village Cab, those guys are huge assholes." No, he doesn't edit on the Wiki, and yes, he was talking about your edits on here (I asked). As I recall, you came here to stop someone from hurting the reputation of your company. Now look what you're doing. —tg (I think they decided on College Cab, but I'm not positive)

    • I don't even believe this account of this party to be entirely factual. We might be assholes, but I think the BIGGER assholes are folks that force lies to stay up on some website and troll the owner ruthlessly for desperately trying to defend his business . Besides, I have gotten MANY calls where the customers commend me for standing up to you guys and doing what I believe to be right..One of these folks happened to be the owner of College Cab, BTW. Do I care if some individual who probably has never ridden with us is an opinionated asshole? Not really...welcome to your little club. I take care of the things that actually matter, like burned out headlights, inspections on motor mounts, brake rotors, tracking MPG and oil know, actual important things that matter....The fact is, we are clean sober drivers that are 100% committed to doing the best jobs that we can. Unlike some guys on a website committed to telling a biased, one sided story. Like...oh...I don't know...DavisWiki comes to mind...—JL

    You really think I'm/we're out to get you, don't you? I really don't care about you, Josh. You're a mild nuisance that requires the occasional reversion or deletion when you abuse other users or post racist stuff. I'm not entirely sure what proportion of the content you put on here is trolling, as opposed to genuine, but it doesn't really matter. If it's bad content, it's going to get removed. The funny thing is, Evan is absolutely right: you probably could bring a unique perspective to the Wiki and really add something. I'd love to see that happen. As long as the only thing you add is geared toward degrading people or driving them away, though, I'm going to continue removing it. —TomGarberson1

        • It's funny how I got along with all of you guys in person and you saw how serious and committed I am to my work and everything I do in life. Look at how I got jumped into this rather exclusive "community"...There has never been a "welcome mat" for me, as if I need that....I DO bring excellence to this trash heap with every post that I lay down and it doesn't get any more "Davis" than me. 1976 and onward, homeboy.

Racist huh? Not at all, I just say what I feel and what I perceive. I can't even understand why you would say that...How would you like foreign people illegally practicing law with a 4th grade education and undercutting you? Yeah, it sucks fat shit, dude. It's too bad you people where such cowards to my face that you all didn't confront me with any of these issues you guys have with me. Every one of you just decided to be an ITGs on here....This kind of yellow bellied behavior is typical of people like you. Knowing that you are a petty weasel that NEEDS to have the last word, I will put this post down with my typical supremacy of content...Almost like I'm practicing law with a 4th grade education, wouldn't you agree, Mr. Ambulance Chaser? —JL

  • Funny, your welcome here was pretty friendly. You've had several friendly "let's try this agains". Like everyone else at the BBQ, I wanted a chance to meet people I've interacted with over the Wiki and generally have a good time. Bringing up Wiki arguments doesn't quite fit the bill, and most of us have no trouble getting along just fine, sans conspiracy theories, both before and after meeting in person. Again, I'm not quite sure why you think anyone's out to get you, but my beef is with bad content. If you add bad content to the Wiki, I (or others) will remove it. If you add good content, everyone will be thrilled. Maybe someday, right? —Mr. AC


1. As for the party, you're welcome to believe what you want. I'm sure I could provide names, social security numbers, and long form birth certificates, and you'd still believe what you want to believe. It was absolutely hilarious when it happened, and I'll probably be chucking about it all week.