Name: Joy Chu

Phone Number: (530) nonya

Office: the best TV show ever!

Personality: coming soon too!

Joy has been working at Ben & Jerry's for almost two years. She loves rock climbing and running at late hours of the night along The Greenbelt, dressed all in black. This little squirrel loves to chew on nuts (peanut, walnuts, and almonds).


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What time did you come into Icekrimski? I worked 10 hours, but thats no excuse for me not helping, unless it was during the time I was taking my break that the labor laws force me to take.—StevenDaubert post script: Based on the time you posted on the wiki, it stands a good chance you came during my break... I'm sorry that the service was lackluster, come back sun-wed 1-5 and tell me it's you and I will hook you up out of my own pocket to make up for it!

2008-04-15 15:30:03   Hello! Are you affiliated with "FETUS: PERSON or PROPERTY"? If you are or know a little about it from anywhere, could you please let me know who are organizing the event, who are the planned debaters, and what category of discussion would the debate go off from? Thank you. —il