Dog Meets Davis

Hi I'm Christine & this is my dog Judge, and I figured it was better the page be named after her than me-because Christine is far more boring a name than Judge. We are brand spanking new to Davis & I'm sure you'll see us sitting outside at a cafe near you (*thanks to the Dogs page for all the help!). I'll be trying to enjoy a book & a sandwich & a little coffee but Judge will have other ideas. Like trying to sniff everything in sight and/or convince every Davis locale to come up and pet her. She's an attention whore that way. Apparently now that I live in Davis I have to relearn how to ride a bike which I haven't done since 8th grade. I'm really not sure how well this will work out or whether the bike attachment for dogs is going to work. If you see us falling-please be nice...

Speaking of attention whores-let me show off the dog a little.

Judge was once this little and cute. Except for all the peeing and the chewing.

Then she grew to be large and in charge. Judge throws around her 40 pounds like she's tough-but I still make her wear a life vest when she goes out boating. All the other dogs laugh at her but I think they just don't understand safety first.

Even though she's spayed, here's her info:

Age: 2 1/2 Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback, Boxer, and all things Mutt Born: Las Vegas, NV and now a Davis Dog! Likes: Squeaky rubber elephants, dog parks, turkey dogs, sleeping on the bed Dislikes: Motorcycles, little dogs, Starbucks employees, boredom Looking for: a good place to take a nap, a friendly pet on the head hello, a dog to wrestle with Strengths: Surviving parvo at the age of 2 months after a 5 night stay in the hospital Weaknesses: learning not to always be the dominant dog, destroying a toy limb from limb

See ya around!


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2007-09-23 13:02:12   Hi Judge (or Judge's owner rather). Thanks for taking the time to edit the wiki, and welcome! What you've created is a user page. UserPages are typically reserved for humans who edit the wiki. Most humans use their RealName, and then make a separate page for their pet(s). Please see importance of using your RealName for more info. —ArlenAbraham

2007-09-24 03:02:44   Just saying, it is a rather interesting question if Dogs see black and white, or perhaps red and white, maybe green and black like those old computer displays... can we really describe what a lack of color is? or really define which color really is bleen or grue? —DavidPoole

    {continuing from the reply on my page}, I dunno, we own dogs because of all the time and genetic control we have made them subservient and domesticated, though opposable thumbs are important for manipulation, it was actually bipedalism that defined humanity, we were able to have our arms free to manipulate, thus carry food, etc. Yellow and blue, sounds like a twilight world, interesting, I wonder if we shall ever learn the secret to being a dog. ~Dave

2007-09-24 20:10:07   Those are some nice pics you've got there. Copyright might be an issue, however. The F22 refueling pic probably isn't under copyright because it probably came from the Air Force. The other pic, however, could have been taken by anyone. Would you mind confirming the source of both pics? —WilliamLewis

2007-09-24 20:22:42   Thanks for the info! —WilliamLewis

2007-10-04 15:01:06   Thanks for the added info on Integrity. The whole thing is very sad. —David Martin