Describe JudithOlert here. True nomad working as bank advisor (microfinance) in developing countries. Completing assignments in Central Asia and Eastern Europe next year, afterwards heading for subsaharan Africa. Revisited Davis recently 20 years after being an exchange student at Davis Senior High. Still love the place, but where did my beloved Cafe Roma go?!? :)

Too bad I found this page too late, I would have loved to meet up with a few more people (you know who you are :) )

Hopefully next time. All the best, j.

PS Didn't expect the pics to turn out so big, sorry!


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2007-12-04 04:22:02   Howdy Judith, and welcome to the wiki! I thumbnailed your photos for you (you can always undo it if you'd like, or change the size). If you find yourself in a new location that could use a wiki, Wiki Spot is here for everyone, and you can always visit Davis in the future (I'm a fellow "love Davis, but live elsewhere" traveler). Enjoy your travels! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2007-12-04 06:33:42   Hi Judith! Sorry I missed your return visit to Davis, it would have been nice to see you. Happy travels! —EdHenn

2007-12-04 10:25:47   Hi Evan— thanks for thumbnailing the fotos, that's much better!! Hey Ed!!! I'm terribly sorry I didn't find you and Wes before coming to Davis for Halloween. Hope to make it back in less than 20 years the next time. I'd love to find out how and what you guys are doing. Big hug, j. —JudithOlert

2007-12-04 14:46:50   It certainly would have been great to visit with you when you were here!!! I'm sorry you came through and we missed you! —WesHardaker

2007-12-04 23:20:52   Judith, send me an email if you'd like. It would be nice to keep in touch. Send to, same username as here. I should make it to Germany again in under 20 years too. —EdHenn