Exposing the Big Lie.

The Account details are available secretly so that people can report corruption they see anonymously.


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2009-09-17 18:19:08   Welcome to the Wiki. You can establish identity here in a variety of ways. Doing so will give more weight to your comment on the College Town Realty page. You've already chosen your username, so the next step would be to introduce yourself and make some positive contributions like adding business reviews, uploading photos, or adding to pages that need more information. —JasonAller

2009-09-17 18:29:39   A follow up. I've been involved in a long running discussion about Wiki Anonymity and Anonymous Criticism. Since then there have been more threats of lawsuits, and trouble with a government department. Both the lawsuits and the majority of the issues with the government are the result of anonymous editors. Explain to me why I should respect anything you write when you don't have the moral compass to stand behind your words with you real name? —JasonAller