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Jordan's Sister

Kai Smart is a Tattoo Artist and an Illustrator living in Santa Cruz, CA. She worked at Primary Concepts in Davis from 2006 through 2011. Now she works at Chimera Tattoo studio in Santa Cruz (call (831) 426-8876, Tues- Sat). Her artist/mentor is tattoo artist Jessica Cooke. Her Artwork (Paintings, Drawings, Dolls, T-shirts , Pins, poster-art etc.) can be seen on her website

She also Tumbles collections of images she finds inspiring:


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You didn't explain in your edit — does Chris no longer work there? Was he bought out? He should be probably be mentioned on the page, but I don't know the history.. —PhilipNeustrom

2010-01-26 20:37:20   Why remove David Richardson Portfolio from the page? —JasonAller

2010-02-03 18:31:03   Unfortunately, Dave decided to move back in with his folks down in Southern California. We are super bummed that he is not working at PriCon anymore, as is he. It was a bit too hard to find employment up here for his wife,a nd they could not afford it. I have decided not to discuss the reasons WHY people leave or come to our shop on the Wiki. It's not necessarily things the general public needs to know. It's funny that both the comments on my PERSONAL page concern guys leaving my place of work and the reasons why. I added Dave and his wife Tricia to the last of past employees/friends/folks on hiatus. Maybe I should address the issue more directly in the future. —KaiSmart

2010-02-03 19:36:23   The removal just took something away from the page. Maybe a section for art by past artists in residence would be in order? —JasonAller

2010-02-03 20:27:20   Since we are in the business of art I don't think advertising art that you can't get at our shop would be a good idea. It would misrepresent what we offer. Maybe links to that past employees new place of business/personal site would work better? I also am uploading a new (though smaller) portfolio for our apprentice right now. Hopefully that will add the "something" back to our page. I try to keep everything as current and comprehensive as possible. Thanks for your attention though! —KaiSmart

2010-02-03 20:49:31   Oh, I don't see the Wiki as advertising. I see it in terms of a collaboratively edited, interconnected community effort to explore, discuss and compile anything and everything about Davis — especially the little, enjoyable things. As such it is interesting to note that Stephen Hawking appeared at the Mondavi Center, even though you can't get tickets to see him there any more. In the same way I find it an interesting point about Primary Concepts that David Richardson once worked there. —JasonAller

Before Nick's Comment

2010-02-03 21:22:40   Hi, I agree with you about the tattoo pictures possibly being confusing or misrepresentative. There has been a similar discussion on Creative Hair/Talk about having a picture of the staff there that includes a popular former employee. I think this is a little bit different because I think the tattoo pictures could have captions explaining about the artist overlooked more easily. Maybe a big heading would help like hall-of-fame gallery or something? —NickSchmalenberger

After Nick's Comment

2010-02-03 22:08:19   Thanks for your opinions Jason and Nick. Very good points. Perhaps (or actually DEFINITELY) "advertising" was the wrong word to use. Maybe "educating" would have been a better one. I understand what the Wiki is for, but the fact of the matter is that we use our page to educate people about the shop. I think most people look at it because they want information about what we do in terms of visiting us in the future. I field many questions on the other sites I represent us on (Myspace and Facebook primarily) that are caused by people not reading the captions of the pictures, or any text on the page, for that matter. If I have Dave's tattoos up in a gallery I imagine I would have to answer even more questions from people who saw the images, didn't read our list of employees, and came into the shop expecting to get something that we can't offer. We want every experience in our shop to be a good one, and I don't want anyone to leave dismayed or dissatisfied. Good points though. I just don't think people read things on the internet closely enough, bottom line. On our Primary Concepts page we have a list of past employees and friends who have been associated with our shop in many different ways. I have put up the start of a new gallery which will hopefully fill in the empty space left by Dave's. Hopefully he will come back to us after he and his wife have a bit of money to exist on while Dave builds his client base here. —KaiSmart