I am big Soccer Fan. Myfavorite teams are Spain (the National Team) who are the reigning world cup winners :), Barcelona, and Liverpool. The soccer players she admires the most are Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres, Ronaldinho, Didier Drogba, and Xavi. In my free time I make soccer training videos with my brother and post them on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/soccer4messi. I have edited most of the soccer related padges including AYSO and Soccer & Lifestyle pages and has created the DLSC Soccer Fields, AYSO VIP, Soccer Fans, Yolo County SPCA/Kittens,and Davis Legacy Soccer Club pages.

Aside from soccer, she loves cats and fosters kittens for the Yolo County SPCA, (two of her kittens are on the page: Tuxlina & Thomas and they'd love to be adopted and will be at petco on Saturdays from 1-4).

Tuxlina Thomas


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