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2008-01-12 13:52:14   Welcome to the Wiki. The graphics you just uploaded aren't being seen as graphics because of the file extension. Instead of .gif_png_gif they should either be .gif or .png to be seen as graphic files. —JasonAller

2008-01-12 14:28:22   Please remember to previewPhilipNeustrom

2008-02-09 15:54:02   I couldn't decode either of the files you uploaded. What program were they created with, and what format were they in? If you were trying to add a map showing where the store is you can do that with the [[Address()]] macro. Someone has already in fact used that macro to map where Volleys Tennis Shop is. Look for the map button near the edit button. —JasonAller

  • It appears to be a Word document. I'm as surprised as anyone. —ct