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2009-10-16 16:24:59   Welcome to the Wiki Kathy. I see that you were trying to get started by cutting and pasting the exact same paragraph advertising your website on about 1/4 of all the neighbourhood pages. Some may interpret that as spamming the wiki. I understand HPC is a non-profit entity and you may be honestly be doing your best to help kids and their parents in the west end of the city find some joy. However if you are the same KathyTudor as this person on LinkedIn, it might be interpreted as suggesting otherwise. I have seeded the following wiki page High Park Choirs of Toronto as perhaps a better starting point for HPC becoming part of the Wiki Community.

I trust that was what you were going for? If you have any questions or need any help, please leave a comment here on your page, or on mine. Again, Welcome to the Wiki Kathy! —HimySyed

2009-10-17 11:05:07   2009-10-17 00:46:47   Hi, it's Kathy Tudor. I'm sorry for posting my blurb about the High Park Choirs to so many neighbourhood pages, but we are trying to target the west end. I would like to edit the page you created for our organization, but ever since you did that, you must have also done something to my ability to edit, because I can no longer edit any pages or leave any comments. I had to create a new user ID to leave you this comment. Also, I don't understand what my LinkedIn profile has to do with posting something on this wiki. —KathyTudor2

Good Morning Kathy and thank you for your clarification. It is greatly appreciated. My intention in temporarily disabling your account's ability to edit pages was based upon past experience. Now and then, brand new user accounts have spawned numerous wiki pages being edited rapidly in succession, sometimes within seconds of one another, with weblinks to an offsite commercial website. In such instances, the new account member apparently was trying to achieve some SEO objective for the target website being linked to. One can imagine that perhaps being for a paying client for the perceived SEO activity. Your registering with your RealName and comment here confirms otherwise. Your permission levels on your original KathyTudor are back to normal. I appreciate your combining your enthusiasm for the wiki with your volunteer work in advocating for The High Park Choirs of Toronto. That is exactly Torontopedia's purpose in improving our city. What say you do your best in improving the High Park Choirs of Toronto wiki page. I'll add a little TLC in terms of wiki formatting if it'll help any. Once your editing of the HPC is ready for prime time, we can feature it on the front page of the wiki. How's that sound Kathy?

P.S. I cross-posted the above two comments from my page to here for continuity :) —HimySyed