About me:

  • I grew up in El Sobrante.
  • I generally suck at visual arts, but tend to be a decent writer.
  • People like me better when I show up with food. So I'm going to study to be a pastry chef.
  • I spent a ton of my time involved with ASUCD and CalPIRG.
  • I am 70% homebody, 30% partier.
  • I love Karaoke night at Cantina del Cabo. But I almost never sing, because I'm lacking that talent too.
  • I always have my nose in other people's business.
  • Some days, I think I have no life. Other days, I think I have too much of a life.
  • I finished at Davis in December, and have since moved back to the Bay Area, but I can't seem to get detangled from ASUCD.
  • I start classes at the California Culinary Academy at the end of March.


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Hey, I grew up in El Sobrante, too! El Ratton Court was the street I lived on. What kindergarden did you go to? I bet we went to the same one. - PhilipNeustrom

I lived on Santa Rita for most of my life, and I went to Sheldon from kindergarten through 5th grade. - KimKunaniec