KronicDave in real life is Dave Askins, former editor of the the now-defunct Ann Arbor Chronicle.


Local Establishments | What KronicDave Orders

  • Fleetwood Diner | Number 7 (three pancakes, bacon)
  • Le Dog | Lobster Bisque
  • Old Town Tavern | "a Michigan beer that you think would suit me...not that one" (best enjoyed in window seat looking out on Liberty Street)
  • Jerusalem Garden | meat pie
  • The Grange | (from the bar menu) fried egg sandwich, popcorn popped in bacon fat, ice cream from Sweet Dirt whatever flavor is available
  • Mani Osteria and Bar | fig and prosciutto salad, bicycle thief (drink)
  • Casey's | chili dog
  • Slurping Turtle | tang men (with poached egg)
  • Michigan Theater | popcorn with real butter (sit in balcony)
  • Cafe Felix | steak frites
  • The Ravens Club | roasted cashews, deviled eggs, (do not order cheese board without explaining that Velveeta is the original cheese board what with its seven blended kinds of cheese)
  • The Earle | skirt steak (wine bar menu), mussels
  • Blank Slate Creamery | always: play ring toss; never: ask for a sample (because: "take life as served")
  • Knight's | gin and tonic
  • Prickly Pear | butternut squash soup
  • Sava's | strawberry pavlova (discontinued, always bellyache about its elimination from the menu)