Basic Info

Age: 21 (March 20, 1984...Pisces)

Originally from: Grand Prairie/ Arlington, Texas

Majoring in: Communications

Minoring in: French and English

Interested in: Working with the media (possibly in advertising?), broadcasting/ podcasting, working in sales

Listen to me on My Sports Radio. Even if the Texas Rangers aren't your thing (which could possibly be forgiven), there's TONS of really cool sports podcasts and info happening there. Really cool site, check it out.

Really Likes

Peanut M & M's

Major League Baseball (specifically, the Texas Rangers)

My 1993 Infiniti J30

SpongeBob SquarePants, Dawson's Creek, The Simpsons

George W. and (especially) Laura Bush

Dr. Pepper

Black cats

Dessert wines and White wines

Computer nerds



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2005-03-13 20:17:57   Kerry got more than 1/3 (37%) of the vote. Does that mean that 1 in 3 people in Texas are not "good native Texans"? —JaimeRaba

2005-03-13 20:19:42   They're good native texans the same way shes a good native Californian. —KenBloom

2005-03-14 06:23:04   FacebookieExwifey, i can't believe you trashed my 2nd love (The Oakland A's) on wiki. But aside from that, Lacy is a good women. If anyone picks on her about her profile, I won't like it. —GeorgejAndrews