Dear Daviswiki,

I heart the lovely city of Davis!!!

It wasn't until i was well into the fourth year of living in Davis that I had actually started using daviswiki, a great resource for navigating/using/hearing about the ins and outs of this city. From finding great running trails to tried-and-true restaurants, this website is packed with useful, though not always completely accurate, information, and i hope that whatever city i may eventually move to that a resource like this is available to me.

On a different note...

My name is Lana and I am a fifth year biological sciences major (mcb if you're interested) and nutrition science minor. I love spending quality time with the awesome people in my life, from trying out new things with long time friends to getting to know new ones, love San Francisco and most of my family members (it's a long story) who live there, love dogs and cats, writing, and working out. If i could spend half my days spinning at the gym, i would - most definitely a passion of mine, to the extent that i have made it my job (and i would wish such luck upon everyone, that hobbies become jobs) to spread the good word of fitness.

Oh, almost forgot, i also love talking on the phone, planning, peanut butter, and eating lunch with my dad in sf on Saturday afternoons!

Back to daviswiki, i hope people use this site and keep it going. This really gives a voice to smaller businesses that do not get the airtime or billboard space they deserve for the wonderful work they do. After getting side-swiped on campus, leaving me with an unattractive splotch of paintlessness on my car, i started looking for places to fix it, and daviswiki has helped me out so incredibly much. Thanks!!!

much love, Lana