this is me and fonda, in the middle of some shady under the table dealings

okay, so i look corny. but fonda has the right idea.


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2005-02-19 19:54:23   What's your major? —BryanBell

2005-03-03 22:00:00   my major is communication. but i have to say, i'm not really impressed with the communication department at davis. I do like virginia creveling though; she makes the material seem relevant. i've taken a lot of random classes at davis, and i liked: landscape architecture, philosophy, environmental horticulture... others too. fall quarter i took ancient philosophy (21), and that was kind of neat. — laura

2005-06-23 00:22:49   the virgin suicides is a great book, the movie didn't do it much justice. —MichelleAccurso

2005-06-23 08:16:56   Forestville, eh... Do you know Dan Glendening? —RobRoy

2005-08-14 16:10:42  I do know Dan Glendening, although not well. i like seeing him though because he reminds me of high school and home. sometimes i have a tendency to start thinking of the two places i've lived as two separate worlds, so it's good to be reminded that they are not

2005-09-17 18:49:05   Laura~ Thanks SO MUCH for your kind words about Dante and Frankie. It means a lot to me, and I'm glad that they have added a little bit of joy to your time here in Davis. Take care! =) —SamanthaWagner