I'm a third year Biochemistry and Molecular Biology undergraduate, from San Mateo (a city on the Peninsula, in the Bay Area). .

At the beginning of my freshman winter quarter I got kicked out of Kearney Hall of the Tercero South complex, for allegedly lighting the crotch of my jeans and a bouncy ball on fire, with the aid of Zippo fuel. I maintain the falsity of some of the details of the two complaints that got me kicked out, but it is not relevant anymore: I finished my freshman year in one (mental and physical) piece, and grew in many ways as a result of the incident.

That aside, it's on to my interests. My academic strengths are in math and science, a fact that is reflected in my completed/concurrent course history (see below).

I've owned parakeets for almost half of my life (Parky, Tweety, Parky Junior, Tweety Junior, Big Bird, and Mouse). I also find birds and flight to be two of the most amazing areas of research. Thus, it should be no surprise to the reader that I often find myself watching nearby birds, which are plentiful in Davis- especially around where I live, in Lakeshore Apartments. My favorite area on campus is the Arboretum. It's a great place for a walk or talk or nap or an observation of Davis wildlife.

Commute and leisure Biking have replaced training in karate as my primary form of exercise, as my daily commute to/from West Davis is >6 miles a day. My commute bike, a Trek 7100 21-speed hybrid, serves me very well for my purposes. My recent (grand+1)parental birthday present, a 2008 Specialized Allez Double, is even more at home in Davis, I think.

I've attained a brown belt from Edwards Karate School (in Shotokan style karate). I've practiced basics and kata a few times, at the ARC

I'm sort of into computer programming, and would consider myself proficient, to a basic level, in BASIC and Matlab. My current computer is a MacBook, though, so my programming and Minesweepering skills have diminished as of late. If I'm on my computer, you might see me on AIM as eldrano1987.

On weekends I enjoy exploring Davis to get food, as well as chilling at friends' domiciles.

I chose to come to UC Davis for its natural beauty, reputation in the natural/physical sciences, and reasonable distance from home. I have definitely enjoyed the benefits of each of those.

Hopefully my contributions to the Wiki will be helpful, and please comment freely but thoughtfully on my entries, whether in approval or in disagreement.

Feel free to inquire regarding any of the courses or instructors listed below. Of course, I'll remember more about courses/teachers from more recent terms.

Course History

Courses I have taken:

  • ANT 3 (Cole, S08)
  • AVS 13 (Maurer, F06)
  • BIS 1A (Wheelis, U07)
  • BIS 1B (Kimsey/Rosenheim, W08)
  • BIS 1C (Maloof/Sinha, F07)
  • CHE 2A (Guo, W07)
  • CHE 2B (Land, S07)
  • CHE 2C (Ames, F07)
  • CHE 118A (Nasiri, W08)
  • CHE 118B (Beal, S08)
  • ENG 6 (Lagerstrom, F06)
  • MAT 22A (Tuffley, F06)
  • MAT 22AL (Dad-Del, F06)
  • MAT 22B (Hunter, S08)
  • MUS 13 (Lutterman, W07)
  • NAS 1 (Crum, W07)
  • PHI 38 (N. Smith, U07)
  • PHY 9A (Cole, S07)
  • PSY 1 (Ennis, W07)
  • STA 13 (Schupp, W08)

Courses I began, but did not complete:

  • ENL 3 (O'Brien, F07)
  • MAT 22B (Tracy, S07)
  • NAS 5 (Grofe, S07)
  • SOC 1 (Romero, F06)

Courses I am currently taking:

  • COM 3 (Potts, U08)
  • PHY 7C (Ashbaugh, U08)


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2007-02-22 01:25:25   I hate student housing too but you're just like all the other engineering students I know - lighting things on fire! —GregWebb

2007-03-03 17:31:37   Student Housing is quite hypocritical - at least in terms of punishments. —JosephBleckman

2007-03-06 10:28:13   Sometimes, people make pages that have little or nothing to do with Davis. The Videogaming page has a large chunk of information on video game history that has little to do with Davis/UC Davis. People wanted to delete it, but its creator resisted and added relevant sections instead. Another example is the ["Fisting in a Mexican Prison"] page that I deleted yesterday. This page about an alcoholic drink had nothing to do with Davis other than the fact that some people drink it. Someone called for the page to be made Davis relevant in 2006-9, and no one did, so I pruned it. The [Include()]] macro also allows us to show all the pages that need relevance. We currently do this with the Seed Pages list which uses [[LinksHere(Seed/Definition)]] to list the pages with [[Include(Seed)]] macros on them. It's a little confusing because the you're actually showing pages that link to the definition of a stub, which the Seed page currently does. —ArlenAbraham

2008-01-15 16:15:48   thanx for the formatting on my page. I'm not picky. —Chibi