I am a 5th year English/Theatre major. I worked at Unitrans for 3 years as a conductor. '05-'0. I worked in the UC Davis main bookstore for one summer '08. I used to work at Uncle Vito's Slice of New York. I will be graduating in June. I can be seen sometimes at an occasional karaoke night. I love singing, but am by no means as good at attending karaoke nights around Davis as some people. I am a costume queen, you may have seen me once and most likely never recognized me outside of costume. I am great at beer pong. I might correct your grammar. I play video games. I did ballet. I like a good baseball game. I care a lot about people. I may be a little too nice at times, but I wont let myself get walked all over. I have fleeting hobbies, but I usually come back to them all. I don't like to plan. My favorite day of the week is Friday. I have a crazy mother and an extremely sweet father. I own 3 dogs that live in LA whom I miss terribly. I have a million quirks, but I think I'm fun to be around.


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2008-11-20 19:02:10   Hey, thanks for creating the Modern Nails entry! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards