picture is of Liz in Elko working on the Kerry campaign. Ugh!

Name: Liz Merry

Interests: Solar energy, green business practices, green building, wild rivers and wilderness, reef aquariums, scuba diving, whale watching, Improv comedy.

Favorite thing about Davis: After ten years or so you start to meet folks you know everywhere you go.

Favorite Yolo County hangouts: Davis Farmer's market, Cache Creek wilderness areas, Putah Creek Reserve, West Pond, my backyard (Village Homes).

What Most Needs Fixing?: "Them" is us. We need the language and courage to find the similarities - whether its red vs. blue, moslem vs. christian, or farmer vs. urban dweller.

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Hey Liz, I deleted the classifieds stuff because we'd had the Classified Ads debate before, and we'd all sort of agreed that other sites were better for that stuff. Sorry about that.PhilipNeustrom