Name: Liz Phillips

Usually Found: Lurking around Shields Library

Can't Help: Giving involved answers to simple questions.


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2007-09-11 13:33:07   Thank you so much for identifying those trees. I have asked dozens of people about them (or that type), and nobody could give me a name. I grew up in a place where Cypress are entirely different looking, live in swamps and have knees. It is odd to move around to places with different trees. Thanks for the information. —JabberWokky

Hey, glad to help! They're officially called Cupressus sempervirens, but certain members of my family insist on calling them Dr. Seuss Trees. I know what you mean about moving...I'm from Massachusetts, where most of the plants here Just Won't Grow. —liz

2008-01-29 18:25:32   Nice picture, is that near the Quetico Provincial Park? I had a really nice time there for two weeks a few years ago, I hope to go back there someday. —NickSchmalenberger

Thanks. The photo was actually taken at Baxter State Park in Maine. I'll have to check out Quetico, looks beautiful. —liz