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I know tons of people who parked in the visitor spots at The Colleges and went to class. Are you saying that the spots are not always occupied? —PhilipNeustrom

2007-09-28 12:46:54   They are not "always filled", which was what the wiki stated previously. I both live here and work at the Leadership Learning Center office, and from what I have seen, people do park there, but not as often as the previous version implied, as TAPS does actually ticket there (it's supposed to be 20-minute parking). I'll restore the mention that people do actually park there, but with those modifications. —LouisMa

2007-12-10 18:23:11   Howdy! You added a photo to Student Leadership Development Series, but didn't create an entry. I (sort of vaguely) started one so you can edit it to reflect the series. Nice photo. —JabberWokky