Luke Crawford lived in Woodland, not Davis, however he made the trek to Davis whenever he needed social contact, as Woodland lacks suitable facilities. He created this page after running into TarZxf at the co-op, who was wearing a 'will work for bandwidth' shirt. Being the opportunist he is, and having quite a lot of spare bandwidth, Luke tried to hire him.

(backstory here is that Luke did, in fact, hire Neal although payment was made in US currency rather than bandwidth. Neal has since moved on to bigger and better things.)

If you ask nicely, he might give you a Xen-based virtual server.

Luke was a SCSI elitist. Luke now feels that NCQ makes modern SATA drives, if not awesome, at least usable in a multi-user environment.

You can e-mail Luke: [email protected]

Luke likes jolt, pho, and those really good avocado burgers that the cantina serves. (Luke's doctor won't let him have jolt or (much) pho anymore)

Luke is useful if you need parts for odd computers, or if you need to host something that uses a lot of bandwidth. He also occasionally needs people for programming jobs. He claims to be able to fix most anything, but runs screaming from windows installations.

Luke is 6' tall and weighs 185Lbs.

Luke left Woodland in '07 for bay-area Xen consulting gigs, and now lives in Sunnyvale. He currently is a computer janitor for Yahoo! during the day, and still runs a xen-based virtual private server hosting company at night.

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2006-05-28 20:42:51   i think i've seen you online somewhere... —MichelleAccurso

2007-07-02 18:50:23   It would be nice if you could edit the woodland its a new wiki and it needs content, especially form a woodland resident like yourself. —MattHh