Margie is a graduate of UC Davis since 2007, with her bachelor's in music theory/composition, and a complete and total music dork. Theory, chorus, chamber singers, Band-uh, she does it all. She also has a cat named Katie. She likes singing, playing instruments (especially piano, guitar, and flute), writing fiction or fanfiction, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite TV show is Firefly, and her favorite movies are Star Wars (any of them but mostly A New Hope) and Serenity. She also enjoys reading the Baby-Sitters Club series, and she's been a fan since 1992.

Her favorite food is her mom's cooking, but you could find her dining at Hunan, Fuji, Crepeville, Guad, Pluto's, and IHOP when she still lived in Davis. She practically lived at the Music building before she moved to Ireland (and then graduated), and you could frequently find her in the choir room or possibly napping on one of the benches downstairs. Nowadays, she is usually only in Davis for events like Picnic Day or participating in the Alumni Chorus.

Here is Margie at Pajamarino during Homecoming 2005. She played flute in the Band-uh

Here is Margie playing on Picnic Day 2006.

Margie also loves science fiction. Her favorites are Star Wars and Firefly/Serenity. Sadly, that lightsaber was photoshopped.

Margie recently graduated with her BA in music theory/composition from UC Davis in summer 2007. Currently, she is living at home with her family in Sunnyvale, and working full-time as a nanny in Woodside. She also does a lot of babysitting on the side. Future plans include a graduate degree in music theory, but she's not sure where yet.

Here she is kissing the Blarney Stone in co. Cork, Ireland, during her senior study abroad year in Dublin.

In February 2008, Margie bought her first car, a green prius named Rachel Toy Yoda. There is no better car in the world. Rachel resides with Margie and Katie in Sunnyvale, and is the exact color of Katie's eyes.

If you want to know more about Margie, check out her MySpace or her MySpace Music Page.


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2006-04-02 12:07:04   I've got a good-size collection of near-mint BSC in my folks' attic. BSC 31-6x, plus SuperSpecials, a couple Mysteries, and Little Sister books, too. I don't remember if there are Little Sister SuperSpecials. I'd have to find the boxes when next I'm visiting (don't have a time frame there) but I wanted to let you know of another supply source. —JudithTruman

2007-05-08 08:16:02   Star Wars is freakin' AWESOME. Way to go! —CaitlinMorrow