I think sherbert is a happier connotation than biteme as my last name. Hmm, things to ponder, eh? History and poly major. Semi-vegetarian, yeah i'm ashamed but the damn seafood is calling my name....

What else? not much: past and future associations

  • AAC (academic affairs commission alternate 04-05)
  • casan (student alumni assoc., now named SAA)
  • circle k, chairperson
  • sorta pirgie: crazed activist ....except for the whole apathy part
  • mun (model un) slave and debate practioner
  • the band-uh's biggest fan!!!!!!!, a leftover from being in band in hs...plus they are awesome.
  • tetris addict
  • people who wish we knew how to make tapioca tea (boba) at home so we wouldn't go broke sating our craving for it a few times a week...but i guess there are worse things to be addicted too ;)
  • wef volunteer =)

pastimes: wandering around davis, trying to mooch rides to random places, candy, interneting, biking just about anywhere, trips outta davis, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, collaging, going to the noon concerts at the music blding, reading all the periodicals + journal thingies in the library, escapism....and the list goes on