What's up fellow Davisites! My name is Mason Matthews! I am moving up to Davis from the East Bay with my best friend and his girlfriend to attend American River College in Sacramento for two years before attending U.C. Davis to achieve my bachelors degree in something political/history/writing related that could (hopefully) lead to me settling down and having a respectable job some day. I love riding my fixed gear around, chilling around town, meeting new people and engaging in interesting conversations with interesting people which Davis seems to be in no short supply of! I'm excited for the future and eating at the thousands of Thai restaurants located around town.




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2010-06-17 01:19:59   Howdy Mason, and welcome to the wiki! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-06-27 22:01:43   Thank you! I still have really no clue how to operate this thing but I'm sure I'll get caught up to speed! —MasonMatthews