Bluegrass musician, instructor, recording studio owner of Pleasant Valley Records and Pleasant Valley Music.


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2007-08-14 10:07:44   Hi there,

Are you sure that McKenzie Drive is the right address? I can't seem to get it to work with the map application, or find it on Google Maps. —GeoffJohnson

2010-07-04 00:05:21   Check out Dixon. It is the wiki for Dixon and it needs pages about things like Squirty Records. —JasonAller

2012-10-16 10:30:14   Hey, Matt... have you seen the questions over on Pleasant Valley Music/Talk? We're trying to figure out if PVM is a storefront, mail order, by appointment or what. —JabberWokky

*Hey Matt, I just checked the addy at for Squirty Records, the name by which Pleasant Valley Music used to be known. (did you rename the business, or buy it out, perhaps—Pleasant Valley Music is a much more melodious name than the former, IMHO :). It appears that the formerly named business's address was:

640 McKenzie Drive Dixon, CA

The map on Switchboard reveals this to be a residential neighborhood—do you operate your recording studio business out of your home perhaps? Thanks in advance for the info and good luck with PVM, the music biz is tough enough these daze, eh?