Originally from Alameda, California, this 3rd year seeks a Biochemistry degree under the department of Molecular & Cellular Biology. After taking Chem118B with the uber cool Dr. Neil E. Schore, Chemistry changed his life. He switched from a Nutritional Biochemistry major to a Biochemistry major.

But don't get him wrong, science majors are more well rounded that you think. He is an avid learner of languages, and is currently learning Svenska and Hindi. Next year, he will be taking Mandarin to satisfy his language deprivation. His main focus is: talar svenska jättebra, or speak Swedish damn well. He's fluent in Cantonese and pretty good with the Spanish, Portuguese (naturally! due to the ajacentness of Macau to China), and somewhat with conversational Mandarin (that's why I'm taking it next quarter!).

His music tastes are weird. He rarely listens to English music. His favorites include Lena Philipsson, Helena Paparizou, and Beth de Op. Triunfo II en Esp.

He enjoy playing computer games such as POGO, Virtual Magic Kingdom, and Yahoo! Games. He pretty much is a kid at heart because all he does is goof around with friends and family. He never gets good studying done, because he goofs and jokes around all the damn time. It annoys his friends because he isn't too serious about the studies, but they're cool with it since laughter heals sadness...

Currently spinning on his playlist is: Lena Philipsson's "Det Gor Ont" (It hurts), Sweden's Eurovision song for the year 2004. It is superb. Y'all should download it and bask the GREATNESS of Swedish culture and language.

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Lena och "Hundvalp-sak" med hår (hehe)

Lena Philipsson gjorde comeback i 2004 års Melodifestival. Dessutom släppte hon plattan "Det gör ont en stund på natten, men inget på dan" som idag har sålt dubbelplatina. Nyligen avslutade hon sin utsålda och kritikerrosade soloturné. - taken from Swedish pop article about her tour with Uggla och Darin