A wiki-writer, born in '60 in Berlin.

Mattis came here to make a wiki-node for the Davis-wiki.

See the Mattis-Manzel-wiki please.

A beautiful moin wiki here btw ;)

what I miss is the page history. Must be hidden somewhere. k, info, found it. (just to report) — mattis

This seems to be a pretty nice wiki with a good community. I'd like to point you to something that might interest you. There is a collaborative editing program called MoonEdit. Up to 14 people can write simultaneously on a page (lin+win only for now). We started on ting sessions. There is a page city-wikis on the server is-root.de where you can try it out - maybe start on regular Davis-tings?. Everybody is surely welcome to "global" tings. ting-wiki. Recently ting have been announced and archived on the collab-editor-wiki.