2006-04-25 23:12:35   I love Eddie Izzard. Hope you're not all out of cake... —AndrewBanta

2006-04-26 21:16:45   Yay! You finally added your page! I'm so proud. —KarinaSummers

2006-04-27 20:05:22   Hi. Mamboooooo......... —AngelaPourtabib

2006-04-27 22:48:00   So you wanted your name to become huge ... very interesting. —TusharRawat

  • Well, I wasn't too keen on having a page here, and I wanted to see whether the name sizes for Most Wanted would continue to increase as you added more pages or whether it was like 1st has one size, 2-4 have another, and then steadily decreasing into normality. And it was kinda amusing being the "Most Wanted User" (Though, my first edit here was asking why MichelleAccurso was unlinking all of MatthewKeys's pages. He is the real "Wiki's Most Wanted".)

2006-04-28 06:19:55   Heck, I created the page just so I could use the display again — MM's name was so large, it made figuring out the next most wanted difficult. That plus he likes Eddie Izzard. (Personally, I prefer the likes of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, but then I was a big fan of the Young Ones in its first run on Mtv). —JabberWokky

2006-05-03 10:34:38   Actually, the new big thing in ASUCD is making fun of Slates. I'm just doing my part. —KyleFlick

2006-05-03 10:35:09   By the way, you should consider joining an ASUCD commission. Like mine. —PaulHarms

2006-05-03 11:05:36   Congratulations on becoming the next DCD VP! —JamesSchwab

2006-05-19 23:26:12   The PaulArden account exists. He doesn't seem like he's notable enough to warrant a biographical page. In any case, it's one less orphaned page. —WilliamLewis

I talked with Paul about it (he and I went to the same High school, which is why I noticed), and he said that a friend made it while intoxicated, which explains the inital capitalization, lack of linking, and it being that login's only edit, because Paul himself doesn't use the wiki.

2006-06-02 01:20:00   Well, I am a big daviswiki user, i just don't edit. yet. eventually, once I get to know Davis better there'll be more out of me. —PaulArden

My Mistake. Thats the way I started.....Oh, probably when we got out of Analy, I discovered this, devoured the information, and didn't start editing for a while.

2006-06-06 23:29:43   Yeah, it might be a while, but the absentee ballot info should stay up for now on the TV news I heard they were having trouble counting the new scantron ballots LOL... I miss the hanging chads.... —JamesSchwab

2006-10-13 18:15:50   It's a hat hat!! —EddieKim

2006-10-19 21:29:05   Hey thanks for editing my page. yeah i'm new...I haven't quite figured out everything about wiki. BTW how did you find my page? —StevenLee

2006-11-15 19:40:53   I get your emails from DCD and your name makes me happy each and every time. It's so long and unoffical and offical at the same time! —ChristyMarsden

2006-11-15 21:32:11   MAX! you have the coolest name ever, eddie izzard DOES rock, and so do you! —DanXie

2006-11-17 03:34:36   Yo max, good times with the entire protest no? stay in touch.. awesome green shirt btw. —DavePoole

2006-12-24 23:18:23   In short they mean the author of legislation is an ex-officio in the commission it gets discussed in while it is being discussed. Because he presented legislation at nearly every IAC meeting (all but one or two - marking a better attendance record than certain commissioners) I felt that its accurate to list him as an ex-officio - at least for now. The bylaws need revamping in how they handle the term ex-officio, definitely. Furthermore, he recieved his position directly due to being an ex-officio of IAC, for had he not been presenting leg at the meeting Pete came around to offer us jobs, than he would not have known of that opportunity. Part of my reason for listing the senate bodies Academic Senators come from was to show the reader the spread out of the positions - and perhaps inspire them to consider whether or not there were disequities in how they are spread out. (Seems to be a lack of them in some Commissions). Taking both points in mind, I feel listing him as such is - while tenuous - a defendable listing. Not something I would put up too much of a fight over, but its worth considering at least for a couple of reverts. —JosephBleckman

2007-01-15 14:09:26   My brother lives in adobe... Do you like it there? —StevenDaubert

  • Its pretty nice. I'm sharing a 3 bedroom w/5 (or 4) other people, but it really is much less crowded than that, which is sweet. Its quiet, and if you don't want to know or care about what the neighbors are doing, often you won't know or notice (and even if you are irritated that you have to wait 3 more weeks for House, they won't ocme up and bother you about your noise). I don't really feel like there is a community here, but thats ok because my roommates are great, Nice common area.... The cost feels kinda high, but the rooms are really expected to have 2 people, which works. It IS kinda irritating to be a 15 min bike ride off campus, so you probably take Unitrans during the winter because its cold enough and windy and ya know.... Any specific questions? —M

2007-01-19 18:53:35   Re: controversial. I can easily accept that it was, but Steve O. tends to be a bit breathless with the adjectives. :) Figured a third party should vet that wording. —JabberWokky

2007-01-28 22:35:10   MAX half the stuff on this page uve never even mentioned to me!!!!! fuck yeah, congrats bro! —Zack

  • Damnit Zack! LOL. I hope this account was on autologin, cuz if it wasn't you broke my Pss..... Ad why the hell were you searching for me and commenting on my page?!!~?! Ok. Cya laters, c mum on Wed, and all that jazz. —M

2007-01-29 22:09:43   Actually, I took 2AH last quarter. I believe you took it last year. But yeah... True was a hard task mistress at times. I love how like half the homework seemed to revolve around solving systems of linear equations. Fun stuff. —WilliamLewis

2007-01-30 18:22:25   you were right about the software stuff —DevinCastellucci

2007-02-02 04:48:33   Why shouldn't I call them sheeple? That is what I think they are, people acting like sheep. The flashmobs are even worse than those guys in San Francisco who spraypaint themselves, blast their stereo, then expect people to throw money at them, because it is alot more people getting in the way and being publicity whores. Why does it matter that the article is 3 years old? How is it not relevant? —NickSchmalenberger

2007-02-04 23:08:24   Yeah, I know, it's not a real slate according to the bylaws. (I wrote that section with Chad back in the day). I'm just trying to "help" his chances of getting elected. —BrentLaabs

2007-02-07 11:07:54   The grey/blue is alternating color for lining up rows. See Radio Stations. I know the yellow is for his affiliation, which is why I suggested doing most of them or none. Right now it looks like it's alternating with his name highlighted. —JabberWokky

2007-02-09 15:26:49   Saw the article in the paper today. I think it's a good idea. I hope it goes well. —CarlosOverstreet

2007-02-12 02:25:26   Hey Max, is this Facebook Group/Event in anyway affiliated with DCD's Name readoff? —CarlosOverstreet

  • Will DCD be hosting their event on the day that the "Unity in Peace" Anti War protest will be demonstrating? - CO
  • Thanks for the clarification and details. - CO

2007-02-13 01:18:43   I agree, the video is so bad I almost thought it was a fake spoof. Same thing with the "newspaper." It's like a middle schoolers attempt at propaganda, completely non-subtle and laughable. —ES

2007-02-14 21:01:19   Do you live in the DHC computer lab? I either see you there or see your work on the computer there. And that long list of names and dates makes sense from what I've seen on the your wiki page today. —TusharRawat

2007-02-16 02:30:54   thanks max, i'm glad you appreciate it =) —BobbyGray

2007-02-16 22:42:01   If by "SO" you meant Steven Ostrowski, then thanks. I was simply amazed that the same guy that was pounding the table asserting his moral viewpoint could be such a hypocrit. I'm hoping that the editorial I wrote for the Aggie got the point across. Spencer's guest opinion slipped under my radar - it didn't appear online. But while searching for an article on Steve, I found reference to Spencer's Op. —KarlMogel

2007-02-21 01:14:21   uh hey... I'm not a Focite or a Leadite. —BrentLaabs

2007-02-21 01:35:13   Yep! The only people I'm endorsing for Senate are Laura Nevins and George Ajlouny. —BrentLaabs

2007-02-21 01:37:25   I'm allergic to Trotsky. —BrentLaabs

2007-02-21 01:42:22   Well, look at what facebook groups I'm in, and tell me what party i support. —BrentLaabs

2007-02-25 22:49:53   Steve hasn't slandered or libeled anyone close to me and the only reason I'm not doing the stuff Brett is doing out of sheer frustration with Steve-o is that I would probably be up for banning myself. —WilliamLewis

2007-02-26 22:14:59   i was curious to know why you only read the names of the dead US soldiers and omitted the dead Iraqis and members of the coalition forces? Thanks. —AlexandraKollantai

2007-02-28 02:26:00   For the past several weeks I have had Eddie Izzard sketches stuck in my head, needless to say it has been an amazing past few weeks. I just thought I would share that because you randomly showed up for just the end of EAC tonight so I thought I would randomly leave a comment about the genious that is Eddie Izzard. Oh and just like the Venn Diagrams: "my hand is in the window and my foot is in a grapefruit." —KirstenOnell

2007-03-02 05:29:30   So we basically have you to blame for Steve? Was he a good debate partner? —StevenDaubert

2007-03-06 22:56:55   Thanks, It just seemed like an odd sequence of events. I now understand your point about the page making him seem like he's more significant than he is. I also think that the content has gotten pretty good, except for the psychologizing. —KarlMogel

2007-03-14 10:37:07   Yes you are right, that was the event. —KarlMogel

2007-03-29 02:55:29   Thanks for explaining that to me. I don't know too much about ASUCD, but Brent was the example I was thinking of, and I didn't know non-undergrad members couldn't vote. —NickSchmalenberger

2007-03-29 08:08:26   If you wanted to argue semantics, all undergraduates are members of ASUCD. And I think my would would be safe saying the Laabs is the non-undergraduate to be a member of ASUCD. —JamesSchwab

2007-04-15 12:41:55   can you post some of the pics from the ice cream social rally onto the SOC page? seria buenisimo! xie xie ni. —JessicaRockwell

2007-04-15 20:30:31   yay! i'm looking forward to seeing them! —JessicaRockwell

2007-04-17 08:04:26   thanks for the pics! and are you saying my presence ruined the pic? = ( hasta luego! —JessicaRockwell

2007-05-23 13:02:20   I haven't seen you in days. Where you been hiding? —KirstenOnell

2007-05-25 15:31:00   truce? —JillBenciWoodward

2007-08-13 18:16:59   Nothing so far. Voicemails are useless at this point, I can't retrieve them - arghh —StephanieRobinson

2007-08-17 18:41:28   It's still too soon. We only have rumors and speculation at this point. Let's wait a week or two before candidate registration opens up before we start writing about it. —WilliamLewis

2007-08-25 00:44:20   Please. The way he goes/talks about it, its like a horrible book of political cliches written by a middle schooler. I had to stop checking out his blogs because I wanted to stab myself in the eyes. Always ending with something so damned corny. (And his early wiki edits were always about 'destroying the enemy', "I must win no matter the costs", etc. Facebook posts similar to "I found the enemies plans for a senate candidate. We must terminate the campaign before it begins!". Geeeewhiz. ) —EdWins

2007-09-03 16:12:49   Just curious, how is LEAD "quite compromised?" —PaulHarms

2007-09-05 14:14:05   Work's been pretty good, though I'm about ready to be done working with kids. My last few days hae been busy because of move-in, and I still don't have internet in my Apartment :-( Are you still living in Adobe? —PaulHarms

2007-09-10 22:25:08   yo, just wondering why you don't want your debate record up. get the table you wanted? chao. —JessicaRockwell

2007-09-17 18:39:35   Jeez.. I haven't been on here for months. I consider it part of my summer break. I'm going to try to keep it going as long as possible. (Ignoring this one indiscretion). But to answer your question.. I've been around. Mostly either in class or at the library (i.e. work). But now with this little break between sessions, I won't be in class, obviously, instead I'll be running errands. I believe I'll go to Sacramento everyday this week for some reason or another. But I'm sure I'll see you at the CoHo during one of the many times I'll be getting coffee. —KirstenOnell

2007-09-26 08:10:17   If Cem did run and win, he'd have to step down from his current seat of winter to winter and the countback would come into play....I think. Either way its I thinks its either selfish or a bad tactic to rerun a bunch of senators. PS. they got some names of frosh interested in DCD...Ivan or Paul should pass them on. —JamesSchwab

2007-10-05 19:46:01   HAHA You've found out my big bad secret Max.... yes i support Justin Cohen !! —WeMo

2007-10-10 00:42:15   While I am all for showing how petty and vindictive Talia Kennedy is (I really don't want her to get a job in journalism), I'm not so sure we should retain the comment she posted with a sockpuppet because of the effects that it could have on the subject of the comment. —WilliamLewis

2007-10-11 01:32:57   I made Solidarity a page. If had I thought it was necessary to disambiguate for go or l.e.a.d. I would have done so, I just couldn't think of any replacement pages... —PxlAted

2007-10-11 18:12:39   I only change corporation's wiki pages like Borders Group Incorporated without talking about it first. Someone else changed it to ASUCD SLATES/. —PxlAted

2007-10-11 20:48:16   I was going to rename Solidarity Slate to Solidarity. But Solidarity has content — neither of the other two current slates would have content. —BrentLaabs

2007-10-12 11:03:54   It's called disambiguation — when two or more subjects have the same name (for instance, Philadelphia the film versus Philadelphia the city), one (or more) have to have a more specific title that makes it non-ambiguous. For instance, in the sentence I just wrote, I used "the city" and "the film" so you knew which was which. On Wikipedia they often use the format "Philadelphia (film)", while here on Davis Wiki there are few enough clashes like this that it is usually pretty easy to just make one of the titles a bit more specific. In this case I think there was a little more to it than that (ire at somebody having used a "term that wasn't theirs to use"), but hey, that's how these things work. People have opinions, and those opinions translate into how the wiki grows. Personally I think the Davis based group that is named "Solidarity" (i.e., the Slate) should be there rather than a non-Davis group that happens to have members here plus a long list of groups that espouse the philosophy (i.e., the most local group with that specific name should get the entry). But, again, the wiki community is a social group, and there's some give and take. I just think local groups should take precedence before global groups on a local wiki. Then again, I'm a rabid supporter of small towns and local groups, no matter what their stance is. —JabberWokky

2007-10-20 20:44:59   yo. sorry it's taken me long to respond and thanks for showing an interest in having my input. since you're a democrat, i can't say i was too shocked by your reaction. most of the people in the group seem to be petty bourgeois who mean to uphold the exploitive system they have passively accepted. i agree that attention needs to been given to most of the issues that were put up on the board. education, healthcare, poverty, workers, the environment and issues i take a stance on. but what the group fails to do is see the root cause of these issues. that's what i was doing. i was showing how the reason these problems exist are fundamentally based on the same cause. it seems like you want to put a patch on the injury rather than eliminate the destructive forces. furthermore, saying that you all, as democrats, are going to pay attention to workers and poverty completely ignores the fact that democrats have repeatedly gone against workers and the poor. look into the taft-hartley act, the repeal of welfare, and action taken to break strikes. the democrats are as against workers as republicans, but unlike republicans, democrats lie about which side they're on. calling yourself a democrat merely promotes the party and their anti-worker behavior. btw, socialists, communists and anarchists have been talking about the 8-hour work day, the end of child labor, universal healthcare, and lgbt equality for more than 100 years!!!! so you're right, the democrats are more moderate than socialists....they're more than 100 years late!! —JessicaRockwell

2007-11-07 19:29:18   Brent and I were prepared to argue that while we didn't have standing to act on the behalf of the university with regards to their logo, GO's usage of it was still improper elections conduct and thus within the purview of the ASUCD Court. While the idea has debatable legal merit, it is indeed what we were going to argue. Of course, our case was to be mostly based upon the use of the ASUCD logo. —WilliamLewis

2007-11-18 17:41:34   NYC has been good. I have had a lot of fun so far. I just got done with a statistics exam a few minutes ago (yes a Sunday nite exam), before reading up on the ASUCD drama, lol. And, I am currently over at Pace, not NYU, and Pace has been going well too. —PaulAmnuaypayoat

2007-11-27 23:53:24   Breakin' 2: Electric BoogalooBrentLaabs