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Hey, I posted a response to your comment on Yolo County SPCA about fostering, but I wanted to leave a longer message and make sure you saw it :) The YCSPCA may not be the most organized group, but it really is worth it to keep at it; they need volunteers and it's such a fun thing to do. We fostered kittens for a year and I absolutely loved it. We moved away from Davis and are waiting to foster again until we have a bigger place, but I think about fostering almost every day. Since you already emailed them, I would go follow up at PetCo - they're there Saturday afternoons, 12 to 4 but show up before 3:30 because they start packing up and get busy - and tell them that you emailed whoever it was about fostering (last I heard, Shelley was in charge of cats, Stacey was in charge of dogs). They'll probably have you fill out an application and interview you then; that's what worked for us. Good luck! —ElleWeber

2010-09-30 17:58:28   Hi Megan, and a belated Welcome to the Wiki. Concierge looks like a good service. When you have a moment, be sure to look over the Business Owner Welcome page. It's got a lot of good information on the role of wiki pages about businesses, the tone, the informational (versus promotional) nature, and so on. Good luck with the business! —TomGarberson