Describe MeredithGlaser here.

I really like:

  • the feeling of a fresh towel and newly-washed sheets
  • Indian food from Berkeley
  • harnessing my inner domesticity by baking
  • reading everything
  • Sophia's mango mojitos
  • morning runs through the arboretum
  • people-watching
  • cooking and eating

I really really like:

  • doing yoga
  • waking up in the morning knowing I have nothing to do
  • sneezing
  • listening to the bubbly sound of a good rip
  • traveling
  • a cute, tall, blonde drummer
  • college
  • sponteniety and creativity
  • Maker's and 7

I do not like:

I am contemplating whether I will like:


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2005-04-30 15:11:03   I love that bubbly sound, too! :) —SummerSong

2005-05-12 04:05:16   Hi Meredith. :) —ElvinLee