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2009-08-27 22:22:43   Welcome to the Wiki. Please don't edit other people comments. —JasonAller

2012-07-11 18:42:44   Please read Welcome to the wiki/Business owner. You will see that you are the one who is violating wiki norms, not me. The wiki retains history, including old comments. Also, please refrain from making insulting remarks like "troll." That does not help matters. —CovertProfessor

2012-07-11 19:08:18   These comments were made a long time ago and the business has changed since then. It is hurting the facility and they need not be there. I'm sorry I called you a troll. Please don't revert the page. —Merritt

2012-07-11 19:40:46   But you are going against longstanding wiki practice. In what way has the business changed? Has the ownership changed, for example? One alternative is to put the comments on a different page and then link to them — people refer to this as "archiving." The comments are still there, but they are less obvious. —CovertProfessor

2012-07-11 19:42:24   Ok, so you want ME to go through the effort to archive in face of YOUR bad behavior. Fine, I will do so. I love doing work for people who call me a troll and who accuse me of doing the wrong thing when they are the ones doing the wrong thing. I love working with people who claim to know what how things work when they don't. —CovertProfessor

2012-07-11 19:43:21   Please try to understand the difference between "false," "outdated," and "opinion." —CovertProfessor

2012-07-11 19:44:04   I don't know how to archive. I don't spend time on wiki often. If you would do that instead of revert, I would appreciate it. All I want to do is help a business that I patronize. I am not personal friends with the owners. Major construction has happened since the comments were posted. The facility is different now and is in no way a "health hazard" as the first comment states. The rules said you could delete false comments. —Merritt

2012-07-11 19:47:02   There is a different between "old" and "false." Anyway, I archived for you. Next time, please try to work with other editors instead of making insults and asserting your right to do the wrong thing. —CovertProfessor

2012-07-11 19:48:57   They were both old and false. I appreciate your help. —Merritt