Physics will make you cry. This is my home, now

So about me:

Hey. My name is Michael Woods and I am a 4th year physics major at UCD first year second year third year fourth year grad student in the physics department. This means the department has turned me into a brainless, sleepless, near-friendless, zombie of a man. I teach various classes and love doing it, but try to stick to getting students through the Physics 7 series.

Classes I've Taught:

  • Phy 7A DL
  • Phy 7B DL X 2
  • Phy 7C DL
  • Phy 9C DL

I work an a dark matter detection experiment named LUX. It's at the bottom of a very deep mine in South Dakota.

The Aggie is practically a public nuisance; my friends nor I have ever been correctly quoted, I despise their office (bad memories trying to deal with them during fire drills), and find a majority of their comics pathetic.

*Whew* Sorry 'bout that. I believe that racquetball is great for winter fun. I participate used to participate in as many P.E. classes as I would (whether signed up or not) because the best forms of exercise are those that are fun, but haven't seen a P.E. class since undergraduate... To overcome an ankle injury I've taken up cycling in and around Davis (surprise!). Without a car, I now find myself biking as a mode of transportation and a major part of my exercise.

Wiki pages I think should get more attention:

Enough about me. //

Any teaching comments?

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2008-02-14 15:33:21   It figures that you would edit pages related to food. —JessicaJohnson

2008-03-02 14:37:57   nice photo of the comcast towage, how did that happen? —StevenDaubert

2008-09-13 18:08:07   My theory about the featured page is that most all of the wiki editors who feel confident enough to change it don't ever look at the Front Page. However, most everyone who comes to the wiki comes to the Front Page. —PhilipNeustrom

2008-11-03 17:05:50   edited ... today... omg... i must be bored —LizKim

2009-02-19 00:19:02   It's generally considered bad form to alter a person's comments except to fix wiki markup (runaway bold, bad links, botched lists). David Poole, of all people, knows how to edit the wiki and he left his comment the way he did intentionally. Not everything on the wiki has to conform to the output of the comments macro. In fact, we didn't use it on Davis Wiki for some period of time. —WilliamLewis

2009-03-08 19:05:31   The picture you posted on the Target page is actually a picture of the new DTL building, which is a few hundred yards to the west of where the Target building will eventually be built. —jsogul

2010-08-02 00:34:30   OMG OMG —MichaelAWoods