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Hey Michael, feel free to shoot me an email at Amit occasionally helps with things, and did a lot of sysadmin stuff in the past, but probably isn't checking his DavisWiki page much these days.PhilipNeustrom

2012-01-12 13:50:38   Or just ask here. Everybody on the wiki helps run the wiki and can help you out with just about anything. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards,

2012-02-01 09:22:10   Howdy! Please take a minute to read over Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner. —TomGarberson

2012-02-01 10:44:53   Since there are a number of people involved, the best bet at this point might be to move discussion about this topic over to the Talk page for Boardwalk, located here. —TomGarberson

2012-02-01 10:58:32   I copied your question on my user page over onto the talk page and answered it there, since other people might have different responses that they want to contribute as well. There are many different ideas about exactly what role the wiki plays in the community. —TomGarberson

2012-02-01 11:01:54   What the heck are you doing? Are you trying to be a jackass? —WilliamLewis

2012-02-01 11:09:57   Again, I ask you, what are you doing? Trashing a page is NO WAY to make any point. —WilliamLewis