Miguel Garcia Stay tuned!

The seeds for STAGES were sown early on while the director, Miguel Garcia, was growing-up in Redding CA. He would sit for hours watching his older sister take dance lessons from Elsa. The memories of Elsa saying, "tuck in your stomachs, stand up straight ladies, don't chew gum & don't be late" still ring in his ears! Armed with his record player, tape deck and vivid imagination, Miguel started putting together dance recitals, recruiting his sisters & brother to be his star performers! Undeterred by his sibling's taunts, he knew that one day they would be watching with pride as he taught in his very own studio.

Taking dance lessons his entire life, and choreographing for over 500+ students ranging from pre-k to college; his love of dance eventually led him to San Francisco where he majored in Dance Performance/Choreography. Though this move was to be just a brief chapter in his life, he soon met his life-partner, fell in love and ended up settling down in the city by the bay.

Fast forward 10 years...his sisters, both Davis residents, started to have families, and it was at this point that Miguel & his partner, Hank, decided to move to Davis as they were lured by the faint voices of the little ones - Uncle! Uncle!

Miguel is proud of all the accomplishments that he has achieved throughout his life. Perhaps being too modest and reserved about his past, but one thing is clear - he loves to teach, he loves Davis, but most of all he loves Karina, Hank and his ever growing family.

I would pay good money to watch you & Timothy Nutter have a dance fight! _~ Daubert