I was a student of Optical Science and Engineering. I was at UC Davis as an undergraduate for 5 years and 1 quarter. While there I particpated in several of the engineering clubs such as EJC, Optics Club, IEEE, BMES, and briefly with the The Materials Society. I really enjoyed doing outreach and I think that teaching is very rewarding. For the 2006-2007 academic year I served as the Optics Club co-president, I remember the biggest challenge we had was building a float..which eventually came together, and would have been perhaps really cool had it not rained the morning of the parade. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun to build and even to march that parade route.

I currently hold a B.S. degree in Optical Science and Engineering. I have certificate for substitute teaching. For a brief period of time I was a temporary substitute and I really enjoyed doing it.

I personally like to go on road trips and hit up dive bars. I also like to take side routes instead of the direct freeway. You never know what you'll find by taking the scenic route or the long way around. Also I am getting into wine appreciation and learning more and more everyday about cheeses. Also I really like to go camping and getting into mountain biking.

Professionally, I am a manufacturing engineer for the Continuum Electro Optics, Incorporated.

Mr. Jason Aller, I don't think much needs to be improved except that maybe people need to be able to take criticism. The great thing about a wiki is that you can list positive and negative comments.


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2007-10-01 19:07:14   So tell us how you think it could be improved. —JasonAller

2007-11-17 15:59:46   Mike, I think the point is that we create the impressive content. —m610