Mikey Burke lived in Empty House, now he lives in San Diego. He is the proud master of Keith the Dog.

I didn't know there was a picture of me on here yet. That's a good one. I think I'm doing an impression of Rishi. -Mikey


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2004-12-05 22:06:07   Uh oh, Mikey is getting sucked into the internet. - JenndelaVega

2004-12-06 15:20:31   This is a picture of Mikey sucking the internet. - RishiTrivedi

2005-02-15 01:07:56   go to bed —DanMasiel

Mikey once got so drunk that he shit his pants. —TeddyBriggs

2005-09-18 02:49:55   mikey is so cute. just look at him. —NicoleCorrea

2006-06-11 17:24:46   My band is called the CJ Boyd Sexxxtet. We are an instrumental 4 peice (on this tour) consisting of bass, and 3 cellos. We've got music on www.myspace.com/thecjboydsexxxtet. We're trying to do something in Davis next month. Hit us up if you can do something on July 17th, 18th, or 20th. Hope to hear from you. —CjBoyd