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Miles Thomas is a "fifth" year Managerial and Agricultural Economics major at UC Davis and served as ASUCD Senate President Pro Tempore with the BEST Slate from Winter 2013 - Winter 2014. He was born in Hayward, CA and raised in Danville, CA. He went to San Ramon Valley High School and was accepted into UC Davis as an English major in 2009. Miles was a strong advocates for clubs and student life on campus, frequently working with club leaders, ASUCD, and the administration on issues pertaining to Student Organizations. As a Senator, he worked extensively with UC Davis Design and Construction Management, serving on Project Advisory Committees for: the Memorial Union Renewal Project, the large lecture hall to be put on California Avenue next to Hutchison Hall, Freeborn, and attended design meetings for the Silo/S. Silo Renovation. To allow other students to continue his involvement in renovations, Senator Thomas created the Renovations and Construction Committee. Thomas also served on URSAC for all three of his quarters as a senator. In addition to working with President Sandstrom to determine the interim locations for units during construction, Thomas successfully advocated for Campus Center for the Environment's permanent move to the 1st floor of the MU post-renovation. Senator Thomas was very passionate about bringing accountability and transparency to ASUCD and fighting corruption. He was previously the president of Davis Anime Club from 2011-2013, where he increased membership by 750%. As President of DAC, he founded the DAiCon Anime Convention.

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Editorial on Why to Run for Senate Budget Hearings Concerns Expressed Over Spending Student Money Swing Voter Sworn into Senate Victorious in 2013 Winter Elections Endorsed #1 by The California Aggie Discussing film clubs on campus Confirmation to OA and passage of Senate Resolution #11 Room Fees Suspended

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Department of Education's Panel on Higher Education Rating System Cable talk show appearance as President of DAC

Winter 2013 Candidate Statement

Hello, my name is Miles Thomas and I am running for ASUCD Senate on the BEST slate to serve you in student government. I’m the fourth year Managerial Economics major who defeated room reservation fees with the help of KDVS General Manager Renner Burkle and over 70 other club leaders. Imagine what I can accomplish with your vote.


**Class Units for Student Leaders** Some of the greatest moments in education on this campus have occurred not in classes, but in the leadership opportunities of the more than 500 undergraduate clubs. These organizations provide so much value to our campus, but they also require an incredible amount of labor and love. I believe that student leaders who are willing to demonstrate what they have gained in their roles should earn units for their service.

I am working with the Center for Student Involvement and the College of Education to give student leaders the credit they deserve. Serving on an executive board is a co-curricular activity, and should be viewed by potential employers alongside classes. This program would provide transcript notation and an extra incentive for students to put their all into the many groups that define our campus culture.

**Accountability at all levels of Government** UC WIDE Currently, the UC Regents invest millions of your fees into fossil fuels, yet we claim to be leaders in clean and forward-thinking technology. If elected, I will work with other UC student governments to ensure that we put our money where our mouth is, and use the Regent’s General Endowment to support progressive and local industries instead.

UC DAVIS At the UC Davis level, I want more students in Mrak Hall. Any decision to shift the spending of student fees deserves student input, and I will work with the Student Assistants to the Chancellor and high-level administrators as a senator to ensure that our voices are heard.

ASUCD At the student government level, I will work with all voices in ASUCD. Specifically, I want to establish permanent relationships between ASUCD and the Engineering Joint Council, the SCC student directors, the dorm leadership counsels, student assistants to the chancellor, the interfaith community, and many more to ensure that student government represents and serves all students.

So when you vote on February 19th - 22nd, vote for Miles Thomas for ASUCD Senate #1 and BEST for the REST, with Paul Min and Sergio Cano for President and VP. Thanks!


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2013-02-18 19:40:42   If you're elected, will BEST rename the ASUCD Senate into the "UC Davis Maximum Authority-Wielding Best Student Senate"? —BrentLaabs

2013-03-18 16:46:06   Regarding my changes to your edit on the slate page: I wouldn't be so quick to declare that Independents can no longer be elected to the Senate or that there is a new paradigm of elections based upon one unique election. The only other time there have been three slates on the ballot in an ASUCD Senate election with Choice Voting was in Winter 2005 when 8 seats were open and there were much stronger Independent candidates than Winter 2013 had. If the next election or two show Independents continuing to lose you may be able to make a case against Independents being able to win elections. However, it remains to be seen whether the Winter 2013 election will be the start of a change or will be an outlier. —JonathonLeathers

2013-03-18 18:12:49   Jonathon,

It's a trend that's been waiting to happen. While I think it's fair that it's too early to state it as fact, this paradigm is real. The election has moved away from analog tactics like flyers, canvassing, hitting up the ARC and library at night, etc, and has found a new home on Facebook and in classroom presentations organized by the various arms of campaigns. Feel free to remove my analysis on the slate page, but I'm confident I'll revert it after the Fall 2013 election. —MilesThomas

2013-03-18 20:49:28   Those things you mentioned as not being effective were not effective when I was there either. And Facebook as well as classroom and club presentations have been around and used since I was there as well. None of what you are mentioning is new or even a new trend. Also, none of those things have any impact on being an Independent or on a slate. —JonathonLeathers

2013-03-20 02:47:25   Slates don't run people who know what ASUCD is anymore, they run popular people. Popular people have 2000 facebook friends. Popular people get obscene numbers of votes without lifting a finger.

Qualified people don't generally have those things and thus don't bother running. The ones who do can flyer all they want, but it can never make up the gap. I think that is what Miles is saying. I've had this theory for a while, but until the election results came in even Miles thought I was full of shit. —MaxwellKappes

2013-04-22 13:50:46   Basing your popularity statistics on raw number of Facebook friends will more often than not generate a mound of noise. The variable that consistently proves to have some influence is the number of Facebook friends that go to Davis and are currently enrolled as undergraduates; alumni might play a role as outlier cases at most. —RomanRivilis

2013-12-18 11:42:40   Hello, I'm the person who wrote the first draft of the discussion of the EC closing. I'd be very interesting in talking 757 6656. Chris —crpike

2014-01-05 23:23:59   That account is already slated to be disabled, pending any member of the community objecting that it is a person rather than an organization or some other reason (not likely — it's a pretty clear cut organizational account). —JabberWokky