As a first year undergraduate student at UC Davis, Mitty first hit the news stream of Davis with the facebook group "Aggies for a Yearbook". This facebook group was created to start an effort on creating a new yearbook organization, as ASUCD had eliminated the Yearbook during the Spring of 2006. After seeing many supporters of the creation of a new yearbook organization, Mitty started the club, The Mustang, as the yearbook club. He later dissolved the club after realizing that he would have to devote much of his life towards yearbook, rather than his true passion: service.

Mitty also was actively involved with with student government, serving as a member of the Internal Affairs Commission in 2007, and as the Service Representative of the ASUCD Outreach Assembly in 2007 and 2008.

Mitty is now the President of the Campus Rotaract Club of Davis.


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