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While this account has been closed due to the nature of the account name, the person who was using this account is absolutely welcome to edit the wiki. Please close this account by clicking "settings" in the upper right hand corner, scroll down to the bottom, and use the "Disable Forever" option. That will allow you to use the same email address to signup under your name.

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This account needs to be closed.

Admin notified. This is another perfect example of picking a username that attempts to establish more authority than all the other equal editors. Ban the account. This is a community wiki, the collected work of people in Davis including business owners, city officials and others. We all have to meet here as equals and participate in collaborative editing or it doesn't work.


You are going to be banned for several reasons, but the primary one is your choice of username.

Do not delete information.

Do not alter other people's comments, although the wiki is currently discussing that issue again.

If it feels like you are getting jumped... it is because you stepped into the middle of an active discussion about organizational accounts that followed a long history of abuse. And those that have come before you have created so much trouble that we are discussing banning all such accounts.

Another form of outreach

Dear person who opened this account: The account name you picked misrepresents your role here on the wiki. You are encouraged to open an account that allows you to establish Identity. Also, please understand that the edit you made, changing someone's comment to say other than one it originally said, is in violation of wiki norms. If you have a problem with an edit, please click the Talk link at the top of the page and discuss the problem you are having.

Moderator's Response: Moderate your own website then. Personally identifying and slanderous comments should not be tolerated. Slander is a crime, and you may face a lawsuit if you knowingly allow this to take place.

  • Please learn the difference between slander, and libel and understand that the wiki does not respond well to threats of legal action.

Final notice

Feel free to moderate the wiki under your name. You are part of the community too! It's your site as well. It's only the account name that is problematic (we *just* recently decided these types of names are causing too many problems). If you edit under this account again, it will be banned — but feel free to sign up and participate under your name — your views are valid! I encourage you to participate. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, [email protected], (814) 889-8845

Moderator's Final Notice: Using my real name in order to remove my real name from the slander that is the website defeats the purpose. I demand that the personally identifying reference be removed by the moderators of the website. I don't know how this site has survived as long as it has without being sued and shut down, but I have no problem being the first to push the issue in court if I have to. It is not fair to my reputation that anyone can come on here, personally identify me, and slander me in any way they like. I will not stand for it. There needs to be a system of reporting such abusive actions, and such reports should be taken seriously.

I hate to get into semantics. Call it what you want, they are both forms of defamation. Slander vs libel really comes down to the permanence of the medium used to publish the words. Both carry consequences. Since this medium is one that can freely be edited by anyone, one could contest that the proper term is slander, but whatever. If libel is not tolerated, than neither should slander be. As I said, they are both forms of defamation, and both carry consequences.

Here is a better link to look at:

  • I suggest you READ this specific link. I was not arguing over semantics. The point is you have no case. Sorry Joe. —MeggoWaffle
  • The wiki is moderated by the community of Davis. That includes you. Please close your account by clicking "settings" in the upper right hand corner, scroll down to the bottom, and use the "Disable Forever" option. That'll allow you to use the same email address to signup under your name. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, [email protected], (814) 889-8845

And please die in a fire with your legal threats, we don't take kindly to folks that don't take kindly in these here parts Daubert Upon further inspection it appears you are from Zabace, which is funny cause the folks at Zabace are pretty sweet. Please consider the importance of using your realname, and also check out welcome to the wiki/business owner Thanks for your time and have a pleasant day (unless you persist in vapid threats)

Support defense lawyers. File frivolous lawsuits!1TomGarberson

Joseph (I assume): if you believe you have a cause of action, you should speak with an attorney. A formal demand letter might have some impact; editing abusively under a pseudonym, refusing to work within wiki norms, and making legal threats all probably make the top 10 list of "Things least likely to get your way around here." On the other hand, if you'd like to try and sort the issue out, you are more than welcome to jump in and explain why you think the information needs to go away. I will offer one other piece of advice: before you go spending your hard-earned money on retainers or filing fees, you should read up on 47 U.S.C. 230, particularly section 230(c)(1). —TomGarberson


1. The information contained in this snark is provided AS IS and does not constitute legal advice. TomGarberson makes no representations as to accuracy, adequacy, completeness, or currentness of snark. Tip of the day: Always remember to Shepardize each snark before citing it in court documents.