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2012-03-11 22:14:47   Welcome to the Wiki. Are you aware that when you edit a page, the IP address from which you made the edit is visible to the public? Your IP,, traces back to Roseville - and it's a hard connection, not a cell phone. It makes promoting a competing business in Roseville while claiming you make the trek from Davis awfully suspicious. —TomGarberson

2012-03-24 10:34:07   Hi Moe, I apologize for jumping to conclusions. Unfortunately, we get an awful lot of competitors popping up on the wiki to badmouth one another and that sort of thing. With the Roseville IP and the pro-competitor comment, I assumed that was the case here. Incidentally, it was another user who first made the connection. I just left you a message about it. —TomGarberson

2012-04-03 15:05:43   I already reposted your comment after I saw your explanation. —CovertProfessor

2012-04-11 23:36:04   Sure, it works to reply on the other person's page. There aren't any set rules for how to communicate. —CovertProfessor

2012-04-12 09:17:19   You can leave a message on anybody's profile (part of that whole "you can edit any page on the wiki" thing). If it's a profile (the ones that start "Users/"), then it flags a messages notice in the upper right corner, so it's handy. Welcome to the Wiki, Moe! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards