This account will be, or has already been, disabled
While this account is going to be disabled due to the nature of the account name as well as it has been learned that there is no Monica working at Alder Ridge anymore. The person who was using this account is absolutely welcome (and encouraged) to edit the wiki. Please close this account yourself by clicking "settings" in the upper right hand corner, scroll down to the bottom, and use the "Disable Forever" option. That will allow you to use the same email address to signup under your name. For further information please read Welcome to the Wiki.
If you have questions about this you can ask for help.


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2011-11-11 15:25:36   Welcome to the Wiki, Monica. Thank you for using your real name. It lends more credence to anything you post. Hope to see you on the Wiki more! —PeterBoulay

2011-11-11 16:06:51   To echo Pete, thanks for using your real name! Unfortunately, your recent descriptions of the apartment complex were a bit too similar to an advertisement to be allowed under the wiki's non-profit restrictions. They will likely be edited for that reason. I know it all can be a bit confusing and it's really not a big deal, but I just wanted to inform you about it. Welcome to the wiki indeed! —ScottMeehleib

2012-04-03 09:30:57   Hi, why are you deleting the Edge Apartments page? Has the name been changed back to Alder Ridge? —MeggoWaffle

2012-04-04 18:59:38   Monica doesn't work at The Edge any longer. —PrettyPlease