This page is for discussing the contents of MonicaAtCambridge.

We had agreed that BobAtBusiness formats were fine. I know Pete notes that Monica is no longer there, but do we really want to be this aggressive about blocking accounts?

  • My point is: there is no reason for this account to be used if "Monica" no longer works there. "Bryn" should create/use an account of her own name aka BrynAtCambride. —PeteB
  • One of the reasons that we decided to deactivate organizational accounts was that we wanted accounts that were tied to a specific person. Cambridge has violated the spirit of that policy by using the account as though it were a generic account, passing it from one person to another. Plus it's a bit rude — not to mention unfair to the actual Monica — for Bryn to pretend to be someone else. So yes, I think we do want to be that aggressive. —cp
    • I don't think it's good either. The alternate would be to say, "don't use it, here's why" and then close it if it keeps getting used rather than a mechanical include and closure. It's actually the mechanical aspect that I am hesitant with, which is why I tossed it out for discussion. -jw
      • I agree. A nonmechanical approach would be better. —cp
        • either way it's not cool, and Bryn should be made aware ~SD
          • A note-Bryn sent me a private email Saturday accusing of of insinuating that she lied about her identity by not creating a new acct. I said that was not the intention at all. I pointed out that I believe when she took over Management duties for the complex that she should've created a new acct with her name and that noone on the Wiki can be blamed for that oversight on her part. —PeteB
            • In the sense of full disclosure—As to why she had my private email-she had requested we handle this issue over email and provided her direct email previously. I had emailed her to explain that for the full participation of all Wiki members we usually handle matters on the Wiki itself. —PeteB
  • Now Bryn has created CambridgeHouseManager which is in violation of the generic business accounts guideline. I put the acct removal info up. Does someone want to call Bryan and explain this issue? I tried today and couldn't get a hold of her. —PeteB
    • I'll zot it tonight -jw