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2006-08-05 20:16:28   I think that the perception is that artist such as tattoo artists and piercers and haircutters are different from waiters and salespersons. A person who got the tattoo done on their left arm might want to track down the same person to do the one on their right arm. —JasonAller

2006-08-05 20:40:51   Business pages are not private or personal. Anyone can edit them and add factual info. The info is relevant for past costumers who want to find an artist. Having info about other businesses is ok. Please stop deleting. If you have negative information about the artists mentioned then add it. For example, adding the inforamtion saying that one of the artists is doing tats illegally is ok to put on the page. —JamesSchwab

2006-08-06 09:16:40   Please note that the entry is about Urban Body, not for or belonging to Urban Body. Think of a newspaper column or review rather than a newspaper advertisement. —jw

2006-08-06 09:34:26   Like I said no other personal business page on this website has contact info for staff that has left - you are singling UB out and adding contact info for those who left on this page is completly unethical to do. How come you don't do it for other businesses? I will not drop this issue, so if you want to keep adding it I will keep deleting it — isn't that what the Wiki is all about? —MoonStar

2006-08-06 10:39:01   MoonStar, I think you are missing the point of what the Wiki is about. It is not about simply arguing over the internet and “revert wars.” It is an encyclopedia of all things Davis. So, take for instance the band Sholi, on their page it shows a pervious member and the bands that the current members used to be members of. Because everything is interconnects. A band is a team and I would like to think that a tattoo parlor is one also, so it makes sense for people to want to know where an old team member went. —RobRoy

2006-08-06 11:33:14   I was being sarcastic quite obviously you didn't get it. and you don't seem to get the point that past employees that open a shop down the street from their old employer are not "part of a team" — they are back stabbers and therefore don't want their business advertised on UB page. Does that make sense to you? or can you not get what that means in the business world????? —MoonStar

Man, that must have been a serious employment contract to stipulate a non-compete clause. You did put that in and negotiate an additional compensation in exchange for its inclusion, right? Ok, you've got issues with those who left... fine. Don't put up any information about them on, which is a site that I presume you have some control over. This is a site that has established standards of ownership and control over various types of content. The standards here are that business owners are not allowed to remove negative reviews of their business. They can, and are encouraged, to respond to such negative comments; and doing so gives them an opportunity to look good. Your opportunity to look good on the Urban Body page is to put more information up about the current artists in residence. I'd even suggest putting that higher up on the page than the section about previous employees. Heck, add a picture of a tray of jewelry, and any other content that you want. Improve the page, and in doing so dilute the part that you don't like.— JasonAller