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Welcome to the Wiki! Please stick around and help edit other pages on the wiki, or add experiences to some of the places you've been. Personally, I agree with what you wrote on the Monticello page - I can't help but laugh at it. -ES

You know, I said "stick around" but you already have. Welcome anyway ;)

Yes, let me echo that welcome, and I also agree with what you wrote. Too bad she won't take it to heart. —CovertProfessor

Valiant effort to Rhonda, but you are wasting your time. Unfortunately :-/ .-Davidlm

*waves back* —MupDup

Hi, interesting photo Daubert

Good thing they had a fence! Still not sure how they guy managed it. Not shown are the two parked cars he hit — one in front of the van and one behind it. —MupDup

Did you give the photo to the Enterprise?