Ummm, I'm a third year BLAXICAN double psych and philosophy major at UCD...I like sourpatch kids. If you want something thats more erm, in depth? Check out my shit:

1. My livejournal at

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or you could just instant message me at noddlespatchkid on AIM

...god I have WAY too much crap about me on the internet :P

This is me while taking a walk with the digicam on Sycamore somewhere...god I love my peacoat. Gorgeous days like those = I <3 Davis

Speaking of which, I do a LOT of walking (no car bike) and general loitering around in Davis with friends. So if I look familiar, it may be because you've seen me wandering around in north davis (I live at Almondwood Apartments, selling smoothies at Jamba Juice (yay for my custom made OJ + strawberries + Burner boost), jogging along the Greenbelt or a la ARC, ordering nachos down at The Guad or studying at various cafes like Campus Roma, Chamonix, or Peet's. But I mean, come on, how many curly-headed near-sighted blaxican chics are there really in Davis? :P Say hi!