Nathaniel Vigeant is a seasonal Davis resident, and freelance photographer who enjoys, wedding photography, portraits, architecture, people, and mingling with other photographers. In his spare time he enjoys exploring California and rock climbing. When not in Davis he spends most of his time in Los Angeles.

His work can be seen at: Los Angeles wedding photographers


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Hi there, I saw you were having trouble formatting the photo on Nathaniel Vigeant Wedding Photography, so I helped you out and put it in the upper right hand corner. The code looks like this:

[[Image(image_name.jpg, right, thumbnail, 400)]]

As far as I understand it, the "thumbnail" makes it not so huge and the "400" makes it a little bit bigger than a normal tiny thumbnail (but you can make that number anything you like, it doesn't have to be 400). You might want to check out Help with Images but don't feel bad; I use the Preview button a ton when working with photos. —ElleWeber PS. You may want to rename the file with a name that better describes what the image is, so when you're working with a bunch of different photos you know which is which.

2009-10-19 20:52:24   At a certain point one has to ask on how many wikis does the same information belong? —JasonAller

2009-10-20 00:53:49   Its ok, post your information wherever you think you could reasonably do business. Only a few people will see it repeatedly anyway. I love your picture of the railroad tracks! It would be nice to write something about the different venues where you have worked in the various wikis though, and link them to and from the pages about your business. Thanks! —NickSchmalenberger

2009-10-26 16:02:20   Hey thanks for the friendly feedback! I do a lot of traveling in my work, most of which is outside of our small community and I've found this an excellent way to reach out to people. I will try to post regional specific content to my sites, as opposed to the same template. Jason and Nick. You guys seem pretty active on here, I'd love to meet in person for coffee or drinks and find out more about the community. Thanks! —NathanielVigeant

2009-10-26 17:16:03   Hey, anytime. I work at home so I'm usually interested in getting out somewhere. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-02-17 18:49:36   Putting up information about your business on 15 different wikis really looks more like spam than contributing to the respective wikis. —JasonAller

2010-03-28 09:28:07   Send me an email at [email protected]. —NickSchmalenberger