Nick "Frankenstein" Franklin graduated in 2005 from UC Davis with a Degree in English and minors in Spanish and Film. The nickname "Frankenstein" was given to him on his first year on the Davis Fire Crew. He is a lumbering, uncoordinated beast of a man which modern science has found difficult to eliminate, so it has pretty much stopped trying.

Frankenstein likes these things about Davis, so it would be rude to avoid them just because he does.

Frankenstein came here to add stuff to the Davis Fire Crew entry on Julia Niazov's request. He is massively cooler than "Pocket-Size" George Edison Lewis.

He currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

Frankenstein also answers to these names:

  • Franklin
  • Nine Eleven
  • Elite hot-zone chopper pilot Nick Franklin
  • Monster
  • Motorcycle Fire Chaplain